rose gold diamond stackables
rose gold diamond stackables

It lives someplace between shiny and muted. You might not call it opulent, but it’s far from subtle. Rose gold has a way of catching your eye, without jumping out and poking it. You’re seeing it on Paris runways, and in the canned food aisle at the store. Anything that can do all that deserves some further investigation.

Rose gold is actually a combination of gold, silver and copper. This modern-day alchemy produces a delicate pink hue that is decidedly feminine. Rose gold is surprisingly versatile, and compliments a wide range of skin tones and styles. No matter your wardrobe choice for the day, it just works. Not many pieces of jewelry have that kind of flexibility.

Hearts on fire bandsBands from Hearts On Fire and Memoire

What many fashion-forward designers are doing today is pairing rose gold with more traditional metals. When along-side pure gold or platinum, the rose colors will add the right amount of contrast. The two together project a brilliance that neither have alone.

Don’t mistake this trend as being a temporary flash. The mixing of metals has been going on for many years, and rose gold fashions can be traced back to the 19th century. Roses and all things rose colored have been connected to romance and femininity for ages. With an inherent softness to the color, it represents romance and bonds of a dedicated relationship.

How to Wear Rose Gold

1. Wear it alone. 

Since the color is so unexpected, it’s eye-catching and shines when it stands alone. With a simple ring or necklace of rose gold, you’re sure to catch attention and garner more than a few compliments. Just don’t go overboard! Restrict yourself to just one or two rose gold pieces at a time. That’s all it takes!

2. Mix it with other pieces. 

Try stacking a few bracelets in different shades of gold. You can also layer a rose gold necklace over a platinum pendant. Rose gold is a sweet, romantic frame for diamonds that can be matched with a stunning solitaire or a cluster of smaller stones.

3. Choose complimentary clothing. 

The thing we love about rose gold is that it can be dressed up or dressed down. It works with a cocktail dress just as well as it works with jeans and a t-shirt. It looks particularly remarkable when matched with nude or earthy tones, shades of blue, or soft pinks.

It’s easy to understand why rose gold is popping up in fashion magazines, at cocktail parties, in the office, or out for a casual lunch. There’s something magical about this color that works its way into all styles, and is great in any jewelry collection.