Why Oval Engagement Rings Can Flatter Any Hand

by mflowers@schiffmans.com BigCommerce

Classic and timeless, oval cut engagement rings give an updated look to a traditional diamond stone. The oval's length elongates and slenderizes your finger, making it a stone that can flatter any hand. The softness of an oval's curves creates a gentle, romantic, and remarkable engagement ring. Its rounded edges also allow for less chipping and wear without any pointed edges for those who might live an active lifestyle. In comparison to round cut diamonds, the oval diamonds appear much larger per carat size due to its length and surface face, creating a larger look for a lower price. Round cut diamonds are also known for having the most shine, but ovals come extremely close!

It is important to note that there is no "perfect" oval cut diamond, as the stones length to width ratio is completely subjective. It is important to balance that ratio to find the perfect length and width for your hand. Another important factor to note is the oval cut's bowtie effect. Almost all oval cut diamonds have a dark spot in the middle of the gem resembling a bowtie. Light reflections that hit oval diamonds create that negative dark space, which has become a signature look. The bowtie effect may make the oval diamond seem imperfect, but many buyers actually love the feature. Ultimately, it is up to personal taste, but it is important to find an oval stone that doesn't have a dark and prominent bowtie.

Oval cut diamonds simply have a special charm. There is a certain gracefulness about the gem that can give a romantic flair to any hand. The oval's surface face and length are notoriously known to slenderize a finger, ultimately making the stone look bigger. What more could one want?

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