Tudor Pelagos 39: Dive into Something New

Dive watches have two main functions: Be accurate and be readable underwater. But if that was all you needed, you could accomplish it for about 40 bucks at a scuba store. Modern dive watches, like the new Tudor Pelagos 39, are as fashionable as they are functional. It’s not always easy to strike that balance, but Tudor has done it brilliantly.

A common frustration some have had with dive watches is their bulky size. While the size is needed underwater for readability, it doesn’t always work well for daily wear. That’s where Tudor really came through with the Tudor Pelagos 39. With a diameter of just 39mm, this watch has a distinctive look for divers and landlubbers alike.

The aesthetic appeal continues onto its entirely satin-brushed case. This gives the watch an enticing balance between a shiny and matt finish. The hour markers are bold, clear, and luminescent in low light. Dropping 3mm from the larger Pelagos 42 hasn’t sacrificed any of the appearance or clarity of the face. In fact, its appeal is its simplicity.

When you’re ready to dive, this watch is going to stand up to the pressure. Literally. Tudor has been developing dive watches for over 70 years, and the Pelagos 39 will take you to 200M and back to the surface without problem. Tudor has worked in partnership with the French Navy combat swimmer units to ensure these dive watches are up to the task.

Tudor has also gone out of their way to guarantee that this is a solid timepiece. While the inner workings are certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), Tudor insisted the movements have even stricter tolerances than even the COSC requires. It also has a power reserve that can last up to 70 hours before needing to wind it again.

One interesting departure Tudor has taken is in the styling of the watch. Past offerings from Tudor have been praised for their modern take on design, but this one has a classic (almost vintage) appeal. It looks like it belongs both in the water and in the city.

Whether you are an avid diver or just a lover of good design and classic looks, Tudor has made a splash (literally and figuratively) with the Pelagos 39. It’s a cutting-edge sports watch that almost perfectly splits the difference between form and function. Through clean simplicity, they’ve achieved their goal of crafting a watch you’ll be proud to wear anyplace.