Why This is the Perfect Number of Facets for Your Diamond
Why This is the Perfect Number of Facets for Your Diamond

Say “suit of diamonds” to a jeweler, and the jeweler is likely to say “those are no diamonds.” Experts know that a four sided diamond isn’t going to radiate light like the diamond used in jewelry. However, the exact number of facets in a diamond is the key to its appearance. Each facet reflects light and makes those little sparkles and hints of color that are so mesmerizing.

But, we should note that this is one of those things where more isn’t necessarily more. Like windows and mirrors where one lets the light in and the other bounces light out. Like a prism, white light gets shattered into individual colors. When windows and mirrors are angled just right, white light bounces in a specific direction. In the jewelry industry, we call that phenomenon "scintillation."

Diamond facet chart

What is the right number of facets for a diamond?

58. Mathematically, that’s the point where light is at its brightest and boldest. If we added more facets it would be like having the wrong number of windows to mirrors - less light to reflect around, and less sparkle back to your eyes.

It’s a captivating equation that makes it all happen. But, the science won’t work unless it’s in the hands of someone with a trained eye and a steady hand. Those facets have to be properly angled so they can work their magic. Not every diamond on the market does that, and not every jeweler knows how to craft that diamond.

Jeweler looking at loose diamond with loop

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