diamond ring
diamond ring

One of the most exciting things about finding the one is planning the proposal and the most important element of the proposal is finding the ring. What starts out as fun trips to the jewelry store to “ooh and ahh” over sparkling diamonds can soon become the daunting task of staring down endless rows of rings. Often at the forefront of “which ring is right?” is the question “what size of diamond will my partner like/ do I want?” Read on for our advice to finding the perfect size carat for you or your soon-to-be betrothed.

diamond ring

Things to Consider...

Bigger is Not Always Better

It’s easy to fall for the notion that the bigger the carat, the better the ring. Social media would have you think that a larger diamond means higher quality or reflects the worth of the ring wearer. That simply isn’t the case. Yes, a diamond’s size is related to the carat, but its quality is also related to the three other Cs: color, cut, and clarity.

How It Looks on the Hand

The smaller the finger, the bigger the diamond will appear and vice-versa. The shape of diamond will also influence how the size of diamond appears. An elongated cut, such as marquise or pear, will appear bigger than a square cut, such as princess or Asscher. Consider also the visual effect that shape creates. A larger finger may look narrower with a marquise style, while an already narrow finger may be better complemented with a square or an oval cut.


Consider your or your partner’s careers and hobbies. If they work with their hands or love being outside, something with a smaller, more secure stone may be better. Do they work in an environment where they wear gloves or constantly wash their hands? Something that will be less prone to scratches may be ideal.

While the average American couple prefers a diamond between one to two carats, most jewelers will tell you that this number fluctuates over time, and is largely influenced by a couple’s age, job, and where they live.


The most important thing to consider when choosing what size of diamond is right for you is your budget. The old saying that you should spend three months’ salary to buy an engagement ring is simply not realistic anymore; the number should be what your partner and you are comfortable spending.

At the end of the day, choosing the right size diamond comes down to communication with your partner. What makes the perfect choice is all relative to personal style, hand size, and budget. By focusing on what you or your partner like, what looks best on their hand, and working with a jeweler that can help you find the best fit in all of these, you will be able to pull off the perfect proposal.

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