The Art of Layering: Necklaces Based on Your Neckline
The Art of Layering: Necklaces Based on Your Neckline

Ah, the art of layering: it’s not just choosing all the right pieces, but how creatively you get to tell the story of you! With that in mind, it’s important to know that layering isn’t just wearing multiple pieces at once – there’s a strategy in choosing the right pieces that pair perfectly together against your backdrop.  Although a lot of the same “rules” apply to layering bracelets or stacking rings, sometimes we forget to consider the backdrop that is the neckline.  Check out these tips to help you create a work of layering art that expresses the masterpiece of you. 

The Art of Layering: Necklaces Based on Your Neckline

High Necklines Call for Longer Necklaces 

When we say “high neckline”, we usually mean a turtleneck or mock neck style. High necklines mean a bigger backdrop and the perfect way to break up that space is with a long chain or pendant necklace. When it comes to layering, try to keep it to three necklaces, all varying lengths, with the shortest being no shorter than 16 inches.  If the backdrop is patterned or ruffled, consider simpler, thin necklaces; if monochromatic or heavier material, opt for something bolder by mixing a dynamic pendant or chunky chain with a delicate one. 

V-Necks Were Made for a Statement 

That’s statement piece, actually, and the V-neckline was made for them. When choosing which necklace to pair, think of filling up the space by mimicking the shape of a V. This neckline is ideal for layering delicate chains with a statement piece or chokers in a teardrop or v-formation. 

Scoop Necklines Just Want to Be Versatile 

Not only is the scoop the most versatile neckline out there, it is also the most classic, which is probably why it pairs well with most necklaces. The choker or collar necklace will draw attention to the neckline, while a longer necklace will elongate the torso. With scoop necklines, you have endless possibilities, so, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and materials, such as pearls, beads, or metals. For a bold look, consider a short, chunky chain paired with a longer, thin pendant necklace. 

Square Necklines: Frame This 

Think square, like a picture frame, and place something bold in the middle. These necklines go great with geometric or angular necklaces.  When wearing multiples, emphasize the clean lines of the neckline, and wear shorter chains closer together, as longer chains can crowd the backdrop and the neckline will get lost. 

No Neckline, No Rules 

If your top has no neckline, think strapless or one-shoulder, you have a limitless selection of necklaces to choose from. The button-down falls under this category because the neckline is always moving. Create a mock v-neck by undoing a few top buttons and letting a few wispy strands catch the light or be bold and draw the eye up with a choker. For the asymmetrical pairing, try a few shorter necklaces with the longest sitting right above the collarbone. Consider adding a pop of color with a dainty charm on the longest chain. Remember, no matter the neckline, less is actually more. Even though the art of layering encourages you to add on to your look, you want your masterpiece to appear effortless. And it should be – make expressing yourself the easiest thing you can do.

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