March's Birthstone - Aquamarine
March's Birthstone - Aquamarine

If you were born in the month of March, then you have two birthstones! Aquamarine and Bloodstone represent birthdays that are in the month of March. However, we’re going to focus on Aquamarine in this blog post as it is more accessible.

Blue gemstone ring

Aquamarine, also known as the calming stone, derives from the Latin phrase “aqua marinus” meaning “water of the sea.” Much like the meaning, this stone has a beautiful blue hue that can range in color from pastel blue to a deeper blue. Aquamarine gets its color from iron impurities from colorless beryl, making it possess beautiful transparency and clarity. Nowadays, a lot of the beautiful blue aquamarine gemstones you see are heat treated a bit to get an even, beautiful tone. This gemstone is fairly durable, however long-term exposure to the sun can cause the stone to pale in color. Its durability makes this great stone for everyday wear jewelry.

This beautiful blue gemstone is found most often in Africa and Brazil, though they can also be mined in Sri Lanka, Australia, China, and the USA. It has been worn by many famous people and cultures over the years.

While Aquamarine is typically found in a hexagonal shape, its durability allows it to be cut into many shapes for jewelry. The most popular cuts of aquamarine are emerald cut, followed by oval and pear-shaped cuts. We personally think that aquamarine pairs well with diamonds, and any range of metals including white gold or gold! For a springtime look, it goes well with neutral, color or earthy tones!

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