In What Order Do You Wear Your Wedding Rings?
In What Order Do You Wear Your Wedding Rings?

The act of exchanging rings to signify a common bond between a couple can be traced back 4,800 years to the Egyptians. Over the many millennia, symbolism and traditions have changed, and people often ask:

What order do I wear my wedding and engagement ring?

Tradition says that a married woman should wear her wedding band on the inside of her finger. In other words, it goes on first followed by the engagement ring on the outside. Many say it's because the wedding band should be the one closest to the heart, but there's a practical reason, too. It makes it easier to take off the engagement ring to protect and clean the diamonds and gems.

Diamond engagement ringsBut, that's the traditional take. The truth is, today you are free to put them in any order you'd like. Some put a ring on each hand, while others just choose to wear one ring. Personal style, the type of ring, and even your unique finger type can factor into where each ring goes.

If you like to change things around, here are some other ways to wear your wedding rings:

Wear in the order you received them.

You can put the engagement ring on first and follow it with the band. This maintains the tradition of having both rings on the same finger and shows the progression of your relationship.

Wear the engagement ring on one finger, and your wedding band on another.

Some choose this look if the two rings don't go well together. It's also the choice of people who simply don't like wearing two rings on one finger.

Alternate between rings.

Another option is to wear the ring that fits the situation. Something sparkly with more gems might make sense with one outfit, while your traditional wedding band works at other times. This choice also helps to keep the wear and tear of each ring down to a minimum.

Add another band or a ring jacket.

By putting your engagement ring between two bands, you add symmetry to your look. Some brides also say that they find this more comfortable, too.

Blue gemstone and diamond ring

It all comes down to your personal choice and style. If you like to carry on a great and romantic tradition, the order is the wedding band first...engagement ring second. But if you like to mix things up a bit, feel free to do what makes you the happiest. After all, what the ring signifies to you and your spouse is the most important part of all.

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