How to Wear a Brooch
How to Wear a Brooch

Why Wear A Brooch?

Brooches are the marriage of form and function but they were originally designed for purely utility reasons. Its purpose was to keep two pieces of cloth together. But unlike a button, snap, or zipper, brooches were slowly refined by craftsmen using higher quality metals and adding gemstones.

By the 1400s, wearing a brooch was a sign of wealth and high status. In 2019, wearing a brooch is a chic way to bring even the dullest outfits to life. Here are some of our best tips and tricks:

Pin a Brooch to Your Headband

Just because it's meant to go on clothing, doesn't mean that's the only place it can go! Why not add some sparkle to your ponytail, some extra flair securing your bun, or pin it to your headband or scarf!

Jeweled broach on headband

Add it to a Jacket or Coat

A weighty brooch looks best worn halfway between the shoulder and the jacket opening.

Hold Down the Lapels on a Long Jacket

On longer jackets, you can place multiple brooches around the front or down both lapels to really dress it up!

Dress up a Boring Bag

By simply adding a brooch, you can turn a plain bag into a fancy purse for more elegant evening occasions.

Broach pinned on purse

Add One to a Hat or Cap

A brooch looks wonderful attached to a beret, knit cap, or formal hat. The addition of a brooch will add glamour to your hat every time.

Broach pinned on brown floppy hat

Style a Waistline

If you don't like wearing a belt, you can add some glitz to the waistline of your dress.

Wear it as a Neckline

You can wear multiple brooches around your neckline, or choose a larger one to put right at the center.

Use it to Cuff Pants

Rolling up your skinny jeans? Why not place a brooch on the cuff?

Broach pinned to bottom of jeans

Accessorize Shoes

Plain flats, loafers, or canvas sneakers can take on a whole new look with a pair of matching (or even mismatching) brooches

Scarf pin

Pin a Scarf

And, of course, when wearing a scarf...a brooch gives it that special extra pop!

Here are some of our favorite brooches for you:

Mikimoto "World of Creativity Splash" Brooch

Inspired by the look of water dropping on waters comes this striking 18K white gold brooch.

Mikimoto pearl brooch

Diamond & Pearl Brooch

These elegant pearls and diamonds sit on 18K gold.

Gold brooch

Quail Pin

A signature design from Grainger McKoy, creatively textured in 14K gold

Quail pin

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