How to Keep Track of Your Wedding Bands Before the Ceremony
How to Keep Track of Your Wedding Bands Before the Ceremony

Your day may be getting close or you may be thinking ahead. The details are finalized, and the only things truly left to do are to make sure you get to enjoy your big day. There's already so much that goes into your actual wedding day - hair and makeup, putting on your dress, taking formal photos - that the last thing you want to be concerned about is whether one of your most important items has shown up at the ceremony. Keeping track of your wedding bands to make the ceremony go off without a hitch can be stress-free if you follow these recommendations.

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Determine Who Carries the Rings

Typically, it's the best man's role to carry the wedding bands during the ceremony. Just make sure to be clear about that responsibility, though, so you aren't disappointed with any last-minute hiccups. Often, couples have children or even pets as ring bearers, so you'll want to make sure that person is responsible for wrangling the ring bearer in the ceremony if you're using real rings for that role. Not sure your best man is the right person for the job? Consider asking the officiant as an option. But again, be as clear as possible so there's no question about who is holding onto the rings as the vow exchange begins.

Appoint Another Person to Be in Charge

Don't be afraid to make, "keeping track of the rings", the sole responsibility of one person. It's always smart to have a backup person who makes sure your rings are in the place they're supposed to be. Again, be clear about who that someone is, and ask him or her to check in on where the rings are before the ceremony. If you have a wedding planner, that person will likely be on top of tracking down the wedding bands and making sure the entire event is going smoothly. But if your maid of honor or your parent are interested in the role, feel free to have them check in, too.

The person you designate should be given the rings during the rehearsal in order to hand them off to your appointed ring carrier the day of the wedding.

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How to Keep Track of Your Rings on Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, your rings will need to be touched by numerous people. Simply being aware of who needs them and when they are needed will ensure they don't get lost. Your point person will likely be the one keeping the rings in order on your wedding day. That person can always be in charge of handling them over to the right people at the right time.

For example, photographers typically like to take detailed photos of the bride and grooms's rings. Let the photographer know ahead of time who is in charge of the rings so he or she can make arrangements to capture those shots. If those shots happen before the wedding, the photographer will need to get the wedding bands back to your point person, who in turn will get them to the appropriate carrier.

By your wedding day, your best man or appointed ring carrier should already have the rings. If you're having a child or pet carry your rings, the appointed carrier should work with your ring bearer just ahead of the ceremony to keep them safe. If you're unsure of how your ring bearer will do with the rings, consider substituting fake rings as he or she walks down the aisle.

Finally, the best man or officiant should be the last person who touches the rings before you exchange your bands during the ceremony. Practice makes perfect, so make sure the rehearsal goes smoothly before you entrust your bands with anyone. Clear communication and the one person in charge will make sure the rings stay accounted for until they're safely on your fingers.