Designer Spotlight - The Jewels of Robert Procop
Designer Spotlight - The Jewels of Robert Procop

From the tender ages of 10 to 15, Master Jewelry designer Robert Procop spent his summers working at his father’s engineering plant, mastering the art of fine micro precision tooling which laid the foundation for what was yet to come. He has been a curator of exceptional gems since he was only 16 years old. It really all began when he was just 16 and started working at his brother-in-law’s pawn shop where he developed a fascination of gemstones and diamonds. Eager to absorb as much knowledge as he could, he quickly learned their values and how to successfully buy and sell them in the industry. He further refined his expertise by traveling the world and learning from the great masters of many varied disciplines.

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After college, Robert opened his own store, Diamonds on Rodeo, on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills. From there, he continued to learn the art of fine jewels and ultimately received the first of his Presidential Commissions with President Ronald Reagan. Since then, his clients have included celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brooke Shields, as well as royalty and heads of state. In fact, he became the first American to be CEO of the Crown Jeweler, serving Queen Elizabeth, and caring for the crown jewels, which unfortunately, had been neglected and in disarray for many years prior. It took Robert and a team of expert jewelers and craftsmen several years to evaluate, categorize, catalog, and perform all necessary repairs to restore the Crown Jewels back to wearable pieces of jewelry as they were originally intended. His other royal commissions included the evaluation of the Royal Crown of India, the making of the Malaysian Crown Jewels, and the recreation of the Marie Antoinette Necklace.

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For many years, Robert spent most of his time traveling the world and developing relationships with many artisans, cutters, and mining site holders. Even today, these mining sites are where his stunning, non ‘heat-treated’ gems are ethically sourced. Because of his passion for rarity, quality, and value, he quickly developed a highly trusted reputation for quality and discretion and in fact, has been honored to handle some of the world ‘s finest gemstones in existence, including the Cleopatra Sapphire, the Heart of the Kingdom Ruby, and the 665 Carat Imperial Emerald.

Robert has also been honored to have a necklace specifically selected for permanent placement in the National Gem Collection at The Smithsonian Institute, alongside historic, rare jewels that have belonged to worldwide dignitaries and royalty throughout history. He had his most significant moment in the limelight a little over 12 years ago, when he helped adorn 13 nominees and winners for the 2000 Academy Awards in Hollywood.

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Robert has spent much of his life assembling a team of the finest cutters, artisans, and master craftsmen whose combined experience, talent, and passion to achieve beyond the limits, serve to produce flawless color gem treasures that will endure the test of time. Through his vision for perfection, he creates only between 300 to 400 of these truly one-of-a-kind treasures each year. His continuous pursuit of his passion for natural, brilliant-colored gemstones continues to be monumental in his ongoing creations of timeless designs that exemplify not only beauty and value but also fund his ongoing philanthropic efforts.

Proceeds of sales from his collaborations with Brooke Shields benefit the Los Angeles based, non-profit organization, House of Ruth, which provides temporary and transitional housing for homeless women and their children who have suffered domestic abuse. It not only offers free shelter but provides a domestic violence counseling center with a nationally accredited developmental day care center for infants and toddlers. Additionally, through The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict foundation, his combined efforts with Angelina Jolie help build schools and dormitories that educate children in areas of conflict.

In today’s world of mass-produced items, Robert Procop’s creations are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of exquisite jewelry. He creates every unique piece using exceedingly rare, ethically sourced gemstones and designs them around the stone and a woman’s lifestyle. These are treasures that will be passed down for generations.