8 Tips for the Perfect Ring Selfie
8 Tips for the Perfect Ring Selfie

You’ve just gotten engaged and now it’s time to show off the bling! Unfortunately, nobody has come up with a good word for the ring-selfie. “Ringie” hasn’t quite caught on, so for sake of this discussion, we’ll just call it a “ring-selfie.” If you want to really make your ring be the star of social media, here are 8 simple things you can do to make it pop!

How to Take a Ring Selfie

1. Use Natural Lighting

Good photographers know that lighting is everything. But since you don’t have a pro setup waiting for you, natural light is your best bet. The sun is all the light you need to dazzle everyone when they see that pic!         

2. Be Mindful of Shadows

Watch out for a stray tree branch or building that will distract from the beauty of your ring. The best place for shadows is in the background. Keep them away from your hand while keeping the background darker, and it will make for a great photo-op!

Diamond ring with pink nails

3. Turn Off the Flash

Since you’re using natural lighting, the flash won’t be necessary. In fact, if the flash is on when taking a close picture, you’ll likely wash out the gorgeous ring you’re trying to show off.

4. Never Use Zoom

The zoom on your smartphone is nowhere near as sophisticated as the zoom found on an actual camera. Instead, bring your phone closer to your hand for a clearer shot (but watch out for shadows).

5. The Rule of Thirds 

The grid you see on your screen when taking a picture is from the photographer’s rule of thirds (see image below). When you place the ring close to the points where lines intersect, you will create optimal balance in your picture.

Diamond ring and white sweater

6. Don’t Forget the Background

You don’t want your background to take away from the image, but a little creative thinking can greatly enhance the photo. The ring should be the central focus but think about having your partner stand in the background or try to capture the stunning surroundings of your proposal.

7. Where to Focus

Try to focus right on the prongs of your ring for best results. This will likely blur the background for a dramatic and artistic effect.

Diamond ring with dark nails

8. Clean Your Lens

A thumbprint or smudge is all it takes to spoil an otherwise great picture. Clean the lens before snapping the picture!

No matter what kind of jewelry you want to show off, a little bit of preparation beforehand will guarantee a “social media ready” picture!