The Unique John Hardy Cobra Drop Earrings

There are earrings that catch attention and make a statement, and that is exactly what these John Hardy Cobra Drop Earrings do. Pieces that are far removed from traditional earrings are special, and this earring has a look that is all its own. There are many pieces available today that are similar to one another, but this piece from John Hardy is something that is truly different and something that is edgy. Made of sterling silver and 18K yellow gold, this piece is something that is truly breathtaking. Bold and different, this piece features a cobra design. This earring is elegant in the way that it hangs from the ear, and the gold and silver that are used in its creation compliment each other well. Those who are seeking a piece that will stir up conversations will find that this is it.
John Hardy is a brand that was founded in Bali in 1975. The brand was created in order to offer the world beautiful pieces of jewelry that were handcrafted and created in a careful way. The brand has put out many beautiful pieces in the years that it has been around, and it has grown through those years. John Hardy is a brand that is committed to community, artisanship, and sustainability. This is a brand with great values and one that is doing great work.


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