MICHELE Belmore Chrono Diamond, Black Diamond Dial Watch

The MICHELE Belmore Chrono Diamond, Black Diamond Dial Watch is the perfect combination of a casual watch mixed with the perfect touch of feminine flair. This watch also offers complete customization between an 18mm MICHELE strap, allowing you to interchange with the style that you are currently in, or to match that perfect dress you have been dying to wear. This stainless-steel watch has a three-eye chronograph that boasts diamonds that have been hand-set above its beautiful black and textured dial. Throughout the watch you can find high quality brushed and polished stainless-steel. Don’t just look fabulous in this watch, be fabulous in this watch. All new luxury is guaranteed to impress everyone who sees you.

MICHELE has been in the watch making industry for years and has an immense passion for quality and unique personal expressions. They pride themselves on the idea that by provided customizable features such as the bands and straps, the wearer is able to create her own statement and show who she is through her watch. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of MICHELE watches are the luxury qualities that they include in their Swiss movements, mother-of-pearl dials, and hand-set diamonds. Every watch from MICHELE has a special story behind it. MICHELE prides itself in representing the giftable moments in life. All receivers of a MICHELE watch remember when they received theirs. Make your moments last forever.


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