John Hardy men's Naga Cufflinks with Black Spinel

The Legends Naga Cufflinks with Black Spinel are gorgeous pieces of jewelry from the John Hardy Jewelry Company. The cufflinks are in sterling silver and Black Spinel with blue sapphires in each piece. The cufflinks measure about 27.5 millimeters by 10 millimeters. The Naga Cufflinks are perfect for any occasion.

Men can wear them to fancy banquets or charity auctions. They can even wear them to a dinner date. These Legends Naga Cufflinks are the perfect thing to wear if you're going some place special. They make a great birthday or Christmas gift.  ('Tis the Season!)

The John Hardy Jewelry Company has been around since 1975. They make and design hand -crafted jewelry for men as well as women. The founder of the company is John Hardy. In the 1970s, he visited the island of Bali where he became inspired by its beauty. The company's goal is to inspire their customers with their jewelry. 


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