John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Signet Ring

Signet rings are worthy and reliable pieces of jewelry. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Signet Ring with Silver Calcite is an exquisite choice if you're looking for a timeless signet ring. This chain ring is manufactured by John Hardy Jewelry. This company was founded by a jewelry-enthusiast, John Hardy, in 1975. The company is famed for sustainable luxury. Its products are Asian-inspired with traditional hand-made jewelry techniques.

John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Signet Ring with Silver Calcite, as the name suggests, is a signet ring. Signet rings are rings with letters, mostly one's initials, or with a design carved into it. It is primarily authoritative though it may exude ornamental functions as well. It is made of Silver Calcite which is very tough and durable. It is coated using Sterling Silver. This material is very shiny in appearance yet tough enough to withstand corrosion and exfoliation. It, therefore, preserves the life of the ring for longer. It measures 7 mm wide by 21 mm long and is curated just for you!

Due to these elegant features, its wearers may stand to reap innumerable benefits. They are spared of the need to constantly repair and maintain it. They are assured of class, elegance, and prestige. Most importantly, they may also count on the ornament to deliver to their expectations for as long as can be owing to its durable nature.

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