Charles Krypell Ellah Blue Topaz Ring

Nothing compliments sterling silver like diamonds, unless it’s blue topaz. Charles Krypell's Ellah Blue Topaz ring style is a real attention getter. The ring adds a youthful fashionable finishing touch to any outfit. Its' cool edgy look is classy, but fun. Wear your best blue jeans or party dress and this piece of jewelry will take sophistication to the next level.

The topaz gem is so clear you think you are looking at blue ocean water.  The silver is polished and knotted giving the piece depth.  The white diamonds add value to this already valuable piece.  Diamonds are clustered together and brings a brilliance that makes the topaz sparkle even more.  When building your collection of jeweled accessories, the blue topaz ring is a must have.  It looks great with just about everything from work attire to special outfits.

The band is knotted with the swirl design going through the precious metal gives the ring body.  The silver band separates the topaz gem from the diamonds adds dimension to the ring.  This makes the ring look more fresh and modern.  This ring is sure to become one of your favorites pieces to wear.

Charles Krypell is a master craftsman and amazing designer.  His talented ability to display colorful gemstones surrounded by diamonds produces original pieces of art.  He has been constructing and collecting beautiful stones, gems and diamonds since 1976.  Each original piece comes with a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity.


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