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How to Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

When retro becomes modern, and yesterday’s classic is tomorrow’s new fashion, it’s common to search for a pre-owned watch. Watches can hold a special place for families as an heirloom, and many prefer one that hasn’t had a previous owner.

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A Real Smart Watch Is One That Preserves Heritage

For some of our clients, timepieces are purely utilitarian. You look at them through the day, check the time (even if adjust it a few days after daylight savings), and then you tuck them back under your sleeve. But, timepieces are steeped in tradition - the established history of preserving a watch to be passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. An heirloom connects each subsequent generation to the previous creating a certain sense of success that only a fine watch can project.

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Why Your Watch Should Be Made with an In-House Movement

You may not see the phrase “made with an in-house movement” often. But, when you do, you know you've got yourself a quality timepiece. “In-House” simply means that the movement inside your watch was produced by the watch company itself. In fact, some watchmakers spend their entire lives dedicated to one movement - making each piece by hand.

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