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How to Save Up for an Engagement Ring

Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with isn’t something you do over a weekend. The same is true for the engagement ring. A ring has personality, it says something about both of you, and it should be just as wonderful in 50 years as it is today.

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Why Some Diamonds Sell for More at Auction

Diamonds that sell at auction are in a class of their own. They carry a story and a history. Like a piece of fine art, diamond collectors bid for heirloom diamonds and gemstones. When they are sold, and then sold again, they continue to increase in value. The size of these diamonds often far exceeds the average size found in engagement rings.

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6 Unusual Southern Wedding Traditions – As Shared by Our Customers!

There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good love story. Over the years of talking with customers about the special occasion beautiful jewelry is being purchased for, we started noticing some pretty spectacular stories of weddings held in the south. Read more for some of our favorites.

Image Credit: The Knot

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Why This is the Perfect Number of Facets for Your Diamond

Say “suit of diamonds” to a jeweler, and the jeweler is likely to say “those are no diamonds.” Experts know that a four sided diamond isn’t going to radiate light like the diamond used in jewelry. However, the exact number of facets in a diamond is the key to it's appearance. Each facet reflects light and makes those little sparkles and hints of color that are so mesmerizing.

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