Friday, November 18, 2016

Fire and Ice Diamond Earrings

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The Fire and Ice diamond is cut to allow more white light to penetrate into the diamond itself. This cut produces a wider and brighter appearance while maintaining a fiery dispersion of rainbow colors. Fire and Ice diamonds weigh less than a standard cut diamond, but are of equal or larger size than the standard cut diamond itself. Fire and Ice diamonds are of the utmost quality and because of the lighter weight of the diamond, the earrings are not only stunning but also comfortable to wear.

The earrings are available in rose, white, and yellow gold with .23ctw up to 2.00 ctw.

Rose Gold

The Fire and Ice Rose Gold diamond earrings have a beautifully warm antique feel, with modern sparkle. There are three beautifully detailed sets holding the diamond in place.

White Gold

The Fire and Ice White Gold diamond earrings have a clean, crisp, bright glow to them. This item is perfect for the lady that loves to sparkle. It shimmers and dances in the light and would go perfectly with any casual or ball gown attire.

Yellow Gold

The Fire and Ice Yellow Gold diamond earrings have a warm and rich, yet simple elegance to them. There are three beautifully detailed sets that hold the diamond in place as well.

Fire and Ice diamond earrings are exquisite and would bring a smile to any face. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Weird Wedding Cultures, Practices around the World

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Promising their vows in white gown for the woman and suit for the man and exchanging special wedding rings like Fire & Ice by Forevermark is the usual picture when we think of the traditional American wedding. But this image isn’t always the case, in some parts of the world where bizarre marriage customs are practiced. In Fiji, the groom must present a whale’s tooth to his future father-in-law to marry his daughter. In Scotland, the soon-to-be-wed couple is pelted with rotten stuff as a ‘test’ if they can stand the worst of times together. In China, a couple may dissect a chicken to check if the liver is healthy; if yes, they can set a date. In Mauritania, a full-bodied bride is preferable as a symbol of prosperity and good luck, so brides are often over fed to look plump on their wedding day. 
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Three-Stone versus solitaire

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Which should you buy for your wedding, a solitaire or three-stone Fire & Ice by Forevermark? The answer is whichever fits your fancy. Both styles have their own strengths. Three-stone is trendy and popular. They present a more versatile style that can fit the taste of chic modern women. Furthermore, many couples prefer a three-stone because of what it can symbolize, such as, friendship, love, and fidelity. On the other hand, nothing says elegance more than a classic solitaire. The single stone reflects grace and timeless beauty. Moreover, solitaires are easier to match compared to three-stone. If you go for a more conservative wedding, definitely a solitaire style fits your preference. So, it’s not about the one being superior over the other; rather, the best style is the one that matches your preference.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Fire & Ice by Forevermark.


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