Friday, August 26, 2016

The chain that binds

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“Life is after all is a chain,” says the American philosopher William James. Perhaps more than the connotation of its physical property to keep things together, chains, like other realities like love and hate, are among the most powerful things that affect us as people. The same notion of connectedness is likely the inspiration behind John Hardy’s new Men's Modern Chain collection. Featuring a much improved outcome of the Bali, Indonesia-based jewelry maker’s iconic woven design, these new chain pieces boldly radiate with a more sophisticated, finer modern demeanor for that more manly character. The chain comes in sterling silver and 18k bonded yellow gold, a 16mm wide bracelet, and a pusher clasp.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Simply Perfect

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You’ve finally found the woman you want to marry, that special someone you’d want to spend the rest of your life with. What must you do next? The best thing to do now is to search for the only diamond ring that is just like her—the world’s most perfectly cut diamond. Good thing, there’s Hearts On Fire, which is acclaimed to have such prestige and supports it with unparalleled long-held tradition and sophisticated precision technology. HOF diamond rings only use the most transparent crystals in existence, those with a 0.002% minimum fraction to achieve the most optimum radiance. And only a handful of HOF master artisans, those who have passed the company’s highly meticulous training and apprenticeship in jewelry making, are allowed to set their hands on HOF diamond pieces, which are cut and polished under 100 times magnification rather than using the industry practice of only 10 enlargement. No wonder everyone, including competitors, agree that HOF diamond rings are indeed perfect.
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Make a Bland Corner of your House Come to Life

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Grainger-McCoy features a line of intricate sculptures featuring birds in motion. The attention to details is impressive, as if the wood sculptures have life of its own. Clearly, these pieces of art are reserved for someone with a taste for high art. Each piece is the result of the artist’s passion; nothing is hurried. Each piece is also uniquely crafted by hand. Displaying them in your living room adds to the allure of your interior design. You can also showcase them in your study room or bedroom. Some of the most impressive artworks include: the Pintails; the Least Bittern; and Hawks and Snake. If a section of your house seems empty or bland, place a Grainger-McCoy sculpture in it and watch this part of your house come to life.
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Friday, August 05, 2016

Take Extra Precaution Against Counterfeit FireMark Diamonds

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You probably know FireMark diamond and now you want to buy one. But before you plop in thousands of dollars on one, make sure that you’re buying a genuine article. This is to ensure that amidst the $1.2 billion worth of counterfeit diamond seizures in the U.S. last year (U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2015), you won’t add to that statistics. The most important thing you do to avoid being duped by fake dealers is to only buy FireMark diamond from an authorized dealer. If one isn’t accessible to you or that someone has offered you a “FireMark” diamond, check for the FireMark trademark laser inscribed on the table of the diamond. The inscription is minute, so carefully look for it with the aid of a magnifying glass.
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