Friday, December 30, 2016

Charles Krypell Firefly Bracelet

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Trained as a sculptor using clay, stone, and wood, Charles Krypell worked his way through materials and styles and brought his name into this world as one of the most outstanding jewelry designers known today. Krypell attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where he graduated with a degree in fine arts. When he had graduated, he went looking for a job and just happened to find a job with an artist that worked on wax models and needed help with jewelry for the models. Krypell took the job, fell in love with jewelry making and the rest is history! Krypell opened his jewelry store in New York, New York in 1976. Krypell's jewelry is so different and unique from other jewelers because he does not take influence from any one particular jewelry artist. Using his background of sculpting and art, he creates beautiful pieces that are exquisite, simple, and timeless.

One of Krypell's most distinguished and newest pieces is the Firefly Two Tone Bracelet. A sterling silver, bangle cuff, displaying 18 karat rose gold accents, this piece is great for that one hard-to-buy-for person on your gift list. The simplicity of the bracelet makes it look dazzling with any outfit, regardless of formal or casual. The polished and luxurious look gives others the feeling of a millionaire's jewelry box. Whether it's a night on the town with a date, girl's night out, or just a day at the office, this bracelet will look wonderful with any outfit and make any woman feel beautiful and happy - just like all women should feel every day! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Memoire Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring

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A proposal is a happy, loving tradition that spans centuries. At the center of this memory will be the ring, carefully chosen and purchased and then lovingly given and received. The Memoire Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring is the perfect ring for this occasion. Beautiful and perfect, this is a ring that every future bride dreams of having. Classy, well cut, and amazingly elegant, The Memoire Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring is a must have for every couple, guaranteed to make him proud of his choice and certain to make her say yes. Invisibly set diamonds placed into an 18 karat white-gold band give this ring a classic look with a new-age twist, providing both tradition and style in a single package. And with the diamonds arranged to mimic the look of a bouquet of flowers, any future bride that receives it will instantly be able to see herself walking down the aisle, at the altar, and spending her life with her future husband. This ring shows a perfection of style impossible to find in any other, and is absolutely a ring any future bride would be happy and proud to wear for the rest of her life. Nothing else even comes close to this level of craftsmanship. Why even look at anything else, when this level of beauty is at your fingertips? 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mikimoto Prestige Color Earrings

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When you want the very best cultured pearl jewelry available on the market, you should select Mikimoto fine pearl jewelry. Mikimoto pearls are the world’s finest and most sought after and have a reputation for being the best that money can buy. When you select Mikimoto pearls you are making an investment in beauty and elegance. Each pearl is hand selected because it is the very best quality. Only the very best and brightest pearls will become a piece of Mikimoto's collections.

One of the stunning earring selections is the Prestige Color Earrings. The magnificent earrings are a combination of the very finest 14mm cultured white South Sea pearls in a white gold setting with 7.51 carats of pink sapphires and 2.22 carats of sparkling diamonds all held with a platinum setting. These impressive earrings are crafted to make a big visual impact while maintaining a high-class appearance. These one of a kind earrings will make a lasting impression on all that see them. They will add a touch of sophistication and charm to a night out on the town or any important function that you will attend. You will cherish these unique and impressive earrings for years to come.

When you purchase the Mikimoto Prestige Color Earrings set you will be making a wise investment that you will be proud to wear. Add that special touch to your evenings and turn heads with these handcrafted treasures. 

Friday, December 09, 2016

Crisscut L'Amour Round Collection Diamond Engagement Ring

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While shopping for an engagement ring, you should not pass up the opportunity to see the Crisscut L'Amour Round Collection Diamond Engagement Ring in person. This stunning piece is presented in white gold, with a large Crisscut diamond surrounded by a circle of equally radiant diamonds, flanked by lines of even more dazzling stones.

This ring is an exquisite part of the L'Amour collection of designs, with diamonds known for 50 facets with flat sides that create a very unique brilliance not found in other jewelry designs.

The renowned designer Christopher Slowinski learned his trade from masters in Poland, and brought his skills to New York City, where his Christopher Designs factory is still working to uphold their exceptionally high standards. Crisscut diamonds first originated to create almost twice as many facets as an original cut. If you compare a Crisscut diamond to another generic diamond, the difference in brilliance will be remarkable, please see for yourself. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Hearts on Fire Illa Collection

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The Illa Collection is part of Hearts on Fire's Aerial collection, which features jewelry inspired by the magic that exists above us - butterflies, sunshine, snowflakes, and more. With the Illa Collection, the enchanting shapes and luminescence of stars are utilized to create unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. The collection includes varying metals, from gold to silver to rose gold, as well as a wide array of choices between necklaces, chokers, delicate bracelets, bold wristbands, rings, studs, drop earrings, and more.

Italian designer, Ilaria Lanzoni, was influenced by her childhood in quaint northern Italy where she admired the twinkling stars in her night sky. She wanted to bring the charm and enchantment to the Illa Collection with stars, hoping to inspire childlike wonder in the women who adorn themselves with the jewelry. In fact, the name of the collection, Illa, is actually the designer's nickname when she was a dreamy, little girl.

The diversity of what designer, Lanzoni, has given the fashion community is spectacular. There is a piece for every woman within the Hearts on Fire collection, whether she's looking for a dainty necklace to subtly trace the collar bone, or a statement piece, such as the Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace which features 18K white gold plated with hundreds of gorgeous diamonds and a whimsical star-shaped clasp.

The Illa Collection has an accessory that will compliment any occasion, whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, or even a day at the office. Some pieces are so light-weight and elegantly understated that women may find their next ever-day-wear ring or bracelet.

Designer and Director of Hearts on Fire, Lanzoni, believes the symbol of stars are universal for wishing, dreaming, and having hope, which is why a number of the jewelry items showcase shooting stars. The diamonds used for Hearts on Fire are expertly cut and shine unlike any other, it was only suitable for them to be placed within the classic shape of a star. 


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