Friday, January 29, 2016


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Heirlooms are a good way to pass on your legacy to the next generation, especially for families with a strong heritage or family roots. Some heirlooms are collectibles that aggregate more value as they are passed down to the next owner. These are often a symbolic family treasure as they are investment because they create more value. On the other hand, some heirlooms are purely symbols, something that has been used by the previous generation, such as, an old furniture item, a portrait, or a porcelain item. Heirlooms can also be personal items, such as a mother’s Slane sterling jewelry bracelet handed down to her daughter on wedding day. In many respect, a personal item is the best heirloom because it connects the new owner closer to something intimate to the past owner.
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Why buy the whole diamond ring from an authorized dealer

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Buying a signature diamond ring from an authorized dealer ensures that you’re not getting a fake item. But that’s not the only benefit you get. When you buy the whole diamond ring—stone and band—from an authorized dealer, your stone is protected against damages that may occur during adjustment or refitting, provided, of course, you have this process in an authorized dealer, too. For instance, if you buy a Precision Set diamond ring and you want the stone refitted, you need to have it done by a Precision Set authorized shop. It’s not uncommon for people to separately buy a stone from the metal. The problem with this is during the refitting, if the stone is chipped or scratched, the shop will not accept the liability because the stone came from elsewhere.
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Sophisticated sensuality

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It mixes sensuality with luxury. The Hearts On Fire Serpentine in glimmering gold is a perfect accessory for a formal evening that needs a touch of tease. It goes majestic in a black dress or sophisticated in a white dress. You can wear it every time there is a cocktail party and, still, it won’t fail to get the attention of people around you. The Serpentine features a heart casing that holds a diamond delicately but with firmness. The surface is smooth and unblemished, unmistakably a work of a master jewelry craftsman. No doubt this Hearts On Fire piece can match the most opulent jewelry set and it’s not even trying. Only a select confident few can wear the Serpentine, which requires an acquired taste for sophisticated sensuality.
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Friday, January 08, 2016

As Charming as Pandora

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Diamonds may be your woman’s best friend, but they don’t charm the way charms affect her. These little trivial pieces have character, and more importantly, they can carry a distinct memory that no other jewelry piece can match. Pandora Charms understands the power and allure of charm-giving that it has a wide selection of these trinkets to match your memories or messages. Alphabets and Numbers can tell about the wearer’s personal identification. Animals can suggest her favorite pet, while Fairy Tale can lend to her childhood innocence. Floral reminds her of romance, while Glamour makes her feel luxurious. These charms can be collected around a bracelet or they can be used as accents to bags and wallets. However they are used, they are a more personalized gift compared to other more expensive jewelry items.
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Friday, January 01, 2016

More Swiss Army Knife Versions

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There’s more to Swiss Army than the red iconic pocket knife commonly associated with backpackers. If you like adventure but also like stylish things to go with your traveling, Swiss Army has more colors and looks. For example, the Elegant Pocket Tools is stainless grey that compliments your classy outfit for  glam-camping. It is also small enough to carry in your pocket, wallet, or belt bag. On the other hand, the Yellow Pocket knife is trendy and matches the style of a younger set. It has lock blades and, as expected, essential camping tools. Then there’s a Swiss Army pocket knife with a thumb drive for storing files.  This can be handy for freeing your phone camera from large image files. You can be sure that these new versions carry the Swiss tradition of quality craftsmanship.
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