Friday, May 29, 2015

The Inspiration behind Sweet Charleston Designs

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Sweet Charleston Designs offers a quaint collection of 18k gold and sterling silver jewelry inspired by the traditional basket weaving art in South Carolina. The art of basket-making dates back to the seventeenth century, skills brought by slave workers from West Africa. The sweetgrass basket was used to winnow rice (to remove the chaff), but today, the art is gradually being lost because the younger generation has moved on to pursue contemporary careers. The jewelry signature started when its founder, Angie Buxton, received a beautiful sweetgrass basket from her babysitter. She was impressed by its craftsmanship and inspired by the history of the art. To celebrate this dying art, Buxton decided to launch Sweet Charleston Designs, featuring basket weave patterns and inspirations for its line of earrings, charms, chains, and necklaces. 
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Romantic gift ideas

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Running out of gift ideas that will make her birthday a special day? Let us help you with a few simple but hopefully diary-writing level memorable gifts. Do you still have that photo of your name and hers etched in the sand in a beach somewhere last summer? Have it blown up to canvass size and display it in the living room. You can also go for the time-tested pair of coffee mugs with your names on it. How about print ìI love [her name]î on your boxer shorts. You can also have your pillows etched with sweet nothings; it's a lovely sight to behold on a cool, starry night. Of course you can always give her a Signature Diamonds ring if you want to make sure she'll like your gift.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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One of the true signatures of a world-class jewelry is the ability of the jewelry maker to get inspiration from even the most mundane things. Using his creativity, knowledge, and craftsmanship honed through the years, a master jeweler can transform a ubiquitous idea into a stunning piece of art. When you look at Suna Bros. Bark Collection, you know the company's jewelry makers belong to an elite group. They took the shape and texture of a tree and captured it in elegant pieces from bracelets and rings to earrings. Similarly, the Suna Bros. Platinum Cabochon Ruby Diamond Aqua Tree Pin illustrates how creative genius can create masterpieces out of regular subjects. The pin is truly opulent and can be worn to accessorize your formal dress. 
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Friday, May 08, 2015

Show your Tissot

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In this age of selfies and self-indulgence, when people love to showcase their faces in expensive restaurants and places they've visited in social media, it's no surprise that many of them would also love to showcase their luxury watch. If you're a Tissot fan, did you know that there's a hashtag for that? #mytissot is a collection of people around the world across social structures brandishing their Tissot in different environments. The image posts reveal that Tissot fans are a motley crew. There's a Tissot worn casually with knitted jacket out in the open winter and another one worn with business suit, obviously someone with an important corporate career. Yet again we see another Tissot with a tourist landmark as backdrop and another watch worn with bracelet trinkets. What's your Tissot style?
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Friday, May 01, 2015

The Maltese Cross

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When you wear signature jewelry go beyond style and opulence. Put a meaning into your piece. For example, Slane has an impressive rendition of the Maltese Cross, a historical emblem associated with military values. Despite its Christian origin, the Maltese Cross has earned a secular symbol for bravery, honor, humanitarianism, and devotion. It has its origins from the Knights of Malta, who carried these values as an oath of service. In fact, the same values are emulated today by professionals in the service of the public, such as firefighters and rescue workers. Slane honors these dedicated people with its own Maltese Cross Collection, finely crafted white gold and other precious metal craftsmanship honed through the years. It's a jewelry you can wear with pride and admiration.
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