Friday, November 27, 2015

Surprise Her with Jasmine

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Surprise her. Yes. That's something that you should do without someone telling you to. That's also something she'd like without her knowing fully why and how come. That's just something we ought to do and we know our significant others just love. But choosing something to surprise them with is kind of tricky. But what you would want is something that showcases a lady's uniqueness, personality while showing her that she is special to you at the same time. And what way can you do that? Well, here's a little tip. Leave something special on her work desk or in her mailbox; or maybe on her bedside table. What that thing could be is a Raymond Weil lady's watch. One model that can catch her eye is the Jasmine with a red leather strap that runs on a mechanical movement with automatic winding. It features 49 beautiful diamonds on the 35mm case. It's more than an emblem but a homage to women. 
See the Jasmine up close at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pondering Creativity

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When we have thought that all kinds of possible jewelry configuration, arrangement and design have been exhausted, there will come some designers that will prove that this notion is wrong. Designers such as Marco Bicego are in this business. Creativity seems to just roll off the top of his head. But there is a formula to his creations. It is sticking to his roots while incorporating new inspiration and themes to his design. In this way, he can maintain a brand and an overall theme while continuing to push design boundaries. What's different also with Marco Bicego is that the company still uses Old-World techniques and tool such as the Bulino. This ancient hand-carving tool gives every piece a distinct finish - a fine brushed texture. Techniques like this in the execution is also a factor in the way masters of design such as Marco Bicego create. These tools give a certain uniqueness to every piece which makes a signature truly a signature. 
To see beautiful Marco Bicego creations visit Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

John Hardy's Heritage

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John Hardy is known to be a luxury jewelry company that perfectly combines traditional Balinese aesthetics and craft with modern sensibility. No brand has done it quite well as John Hardy. Many may try to emulate but can never outdo. This perfect blend of the East and the West can easily be seen in John Hardy's Heritage Collection. This line exhibits the mastery of all the craftsmen and designers that thought of and executed these works of art. Notable pieces in this collection are the Kali Overlap Cuff, Kali Twist Ring, the Dot Flexible Cuff,the Classic Chain Oval Kick Cuff and the Classic Chain Medium Cuff, among many beauties. These pieces so far, in my honest opinion, show in shorthand the heritage and elegance of the John Hardy philosophy. 
See more of the Heritage Collection and visit Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Simply Perfection

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Perfection is hard to come by. But for perfectionists such as Christopher Slowinski who founded Christopher Designs in 1981, perfection is being achieved consistently. Christopher Slowinski combines Old World jewelry making techniques with state-of-the-art technology to create designs that pushes the envelope when it comes to craftsmanship and beauty in the luxury industry. He is led by his own passion for innovation. His pursuit for perfection helped him invent the Crisscut. This cut redefined how brilliant a diamond could be by having 77 "crisscrossed" facets versus the generic 48. This was only the beginning of his Crisscut innovations. He added more Crisscut designs that pushed the envelope further. Even today, with all the success that he garnered. He proudly says that there is no stone that is cut or a setting that is cast in their New York City factory that he had not personally inspect. This is a mark of a perfectionist. This is a mark of Christopher Designs. 
Shop for your Christopher Designs pieces at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia 


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