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Your Guide to Perfection

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The maker of the World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond also makes sure you find the engagement ring most perfectly suited for her. Does she like the elegant simplicity of a solitaire, or the vivacious glamor of diamond studded shanks? Hearts on Fire has a selection of engagement rings with different central stone settings like solitaire, halo, three-stones, pave and solitaires with sidestones or diamond bands. Is she the classic tye, with overflowing respect for traditions, or is her taste more adventurous and contemporary? Hearts on Fire diamond engagement rings range from timeless classics to urban yet romantic pieces crafted by an elite design and production team. Of course, you do not have to figure it all out by yourself, because Hearts on Fire‘s perfection stylists are ready to give you valuable advice as you make your choice among the World‘s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds.
Find Hearts on Fire at Sylvan‘s on Main Street, Columbia – an authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.

The Essence of a Woman

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It is the stuff within that makes a woman a woman. Balance, freedom, joy, compassion, confidence, courage, passion, faith, love, and many more – these are what makes a woman beautiful. Pandora Jewelry‘s new Essence Collection celebrates the inner value that makes a woman truly attractive and compelling.  The stylish selection of symbolic charms expresses the inner beauty of a mother, an independent single woman, a budding young lady or a sweet little girl through sophisticated and delicate charms handcrafted by Pandora from precious metals and precious stones. Especially engraved and versatile in the Pandora fashion, these charms in the Essence collection conveys the inner you in bold yet elegant way.
Create one more Pandora treasure that is completely your own at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia – an authorized retailer for Pandora Jewelry.

Your Companion for Life

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Swiss Army is the adventurer‘s unrivaled companion for life. What started out as an  innovative pocket knife manufacturing company in  Switzerland is now the world's trusted name for high-quality items from travelling gear, to comfortable apparel and fashionable and reliable Swiss timepieces. Swiss Army was founded in 1884 by entrepreneur Karl Elsener as a cutlery shop in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland. It was first put up to serve various purposes for men serving in the country‘s army through the Swiss Army knife. Soon afterwards, the multipurpose knife became a trusted tool not only for Swiss soldiers but  every adventurer around the world, and Swiss Army became synonymous with unquestioned quality and efficient design. With its commitment to accompanying travellers and brave hearts in their adventure, Swiss Army has now evolved into a specialty store for pocket knives, cutlery, timepieces, travel gear, apparels and fragrances. It is the same name you trust offering a whole new range of exciting possibilities.
Find the Swiss Army collections at authorized retailer Sylvan‘s on Main Street, Columbia.

The Sophisticated Twist

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The Mobius strip is that curious mathematical concept that has been adapted in the design of industrial equipment, modern infrastructures, and elegant jewelry pieces. No, the Mobius Strip is not a typical necklace design, but the Mikimoto house of pearls has never settled for the typical in any of their world-renowned pearl jewelry collections. The century-old company‘s Mobius necklace adds a totally new dimension to this mathematical curiousity. The long strip of 5.5 to 8.99mm Akoya pearls fits snuggly around the curves of the neck and features the famous 180 degrees twist of the mobius band. The ingenious pattern – not to mention the lavish show of pearls, is punctuated at assymetric intervals with delicate diamond florals set in 18k while gold. Here‘s to another way of looking at life, and a completely sophisticated way of celebrating the essential things that last for eternity.
Sylvan‘s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized retailer for Mikimoto.

The Brilliant Choice that Shows

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When it comes to lasting relationships, it is often about the commitment. When it comes to diamonds, it is almost always about the cut. Among the 4 Cs of diamond valuation – carat, clarity, cut and color, the quality that takes this stone from a rough rock to an alluring treasure is the cut. At Mémoire, premier maker of luxury diamond rings in the country, gem experts, designers and artisans are committed to bring you only the most exquisite designs bearing the highest quality natural color diamonds that glimmer with perfection. A staff GIA Graduate Gemologist scrutinizes every stone under a microscope before approving it to be set on any piece of Mémoire jewelry. Whether in a swift glance or a careful study, the Mémoire diamond is clearly the brilliant choice.
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized retailer for Mémoire.

Remarkably Elegant

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The Firemark is the world‘s most remarkable execution of the famous princess cut diamond. DTC's patented princess cut is royally modern and elegant with its unusual brilliance that rivals even that of the the classic ideal cut. Tested by the trusted leaders in diamond grading, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL), Firemark Diamond yielded proved its topnotch quality and design with the unprecedented results. Its double crown creates additional facets and marked angles that capture the stone‘s vibrance. Each exacting angle, girdle and facet is perfectly aligned to maximize the stone‘s fire, brilliance and scintillation. The excellent craftsmanship of the Firemark cut makes it superior to other princess cuts in the market. Firemark is the perfect center stone for your engagement or bridal ring, because true love should be expressed in something as precious.
Sylvan‘s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized retailer for Firemark Diamonds.

The Perfect Time for Change

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Love is constant, but its face changes over time. Martin Flyer offers remounts on its classic and elegant designer bridal rings for couples who are celebrating important milestones or whose tastes have changed overtime. If you want to personalize your treasured ring to turn it into a special family heirloom, or want to rejoice over a special occasion like the birth of a new member of the family, birthday or wedding anniversary. Martin Flyer‘s handcrafted rings are especially designed for those perfect opportunities to upgrade your engagement rings or wedding bands, no matter how recently or long ago you have cherished them. The prominent diamond ring label gives you just the right ring for when the time is just right.
Find Martin Flyers at Sylvan‘s on Main Street, Columbia – an authorized retailer for Martin Flyers.

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A Countrified Twist

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The French Wire Dangle Drop Earrings adds a new dimension to Sweet Charleston Designs‘ lowcountry style. Fashioned from silver with a wisp-of-grass design and highlighted by 18k gold weavings and drop pearls, the earrings from the Potomac River Collection exudes an air of quaint country elegance. It is an elegance that all pieces of silver or gold jewelry by Sweet Charleston Designs have in common. Designers Jannie Manning and Angie Buxton are known for their love for colonial history and cultural art form. Their shared passion for historical design and country traditions has given the unique artistic quality to their line of handcrafted and custom embossed jewelry.
Find the Potomac River and other Lowcountry collections by Sweet Charleston Designs at authorized retailer Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

The Weil Tradition

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Never say die. That was Raymond Weil's attitude at the beginning years of his eponymous Swiss watch company based in Geneva. It was the period of the quartz movement when Weil set up his own shop. Everywhere, the proud tradition of Swiss watch making, prominent for its unsurpasses quality, was being pushed down the drain by the much cheaper quartz movement. It was not a good time for Swiss watches. And yet, like a phoenix that rises from its ashes, the centuries old traditional watchmaking refused to die out in Raymond Weil, who persisted in keeping his Swiss watch shop operating. Two generations of Weil's later, the persistent and daring spirit of its owner lives on in the company's strivings for excellence and innovation despite external threats and internal challenges.
Find Raymond Weil's timepieces at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia. 

The Beauty of Paradise

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In an imperfect world, paradise is not the embodiment of perfection or flawlessness but of balance. That is the essence of Marco Bicego's Paradise Collection. The pieces are a jewelry designer's balancing act between classic and contemporary, order and spontainiety, sophistication and fun, colors and metals, lines and beads. Indeed, Bicego's impeccable skills in balancing all the elements in his design gave rise to the harmonious and graceful look of the collection, which otherwise would have been a jumble of gold chains, imperfect beads and colored stones. With masterful touches, Marco Bicego's Paradise display a beautiful assymetrical design where the shimmering pinks and whites of quarts complement the aqua blues and greens of other precious stones, and golden chains jive perfectly well with Bicego's signature organic beads design. Like the well-balanced beauty of nature, the Paradise collection has a loveliness that comes from artistry and style rather than flawlessness.
Find Marco Bicego at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia. 

Chains are Jewelry

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A chain of many cords is hard to break. Especially if it is made by John Hardy. The renowned company's Classic Chain collection is crafted by local Bali artisans under John Hardy‘s european head designer using the complex classic chain technique from the ancient kingdom of Bali. The handwoven classic chains are annealed until they gain a soft and supple finish that does not only look fashionable but is also surprisingly comfortable to wear. The art of the ancient chain weaving technique came to John Hardy from their first artisan, who was the grandson of a jewelry maker who served in the royal courts. The design yeilds not only a durable ornament, but also a modern yet exotic masterpiece that brings comfort to the wearer.
Find John Hardy's Classic Chain collection at authorized retailer Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

The Best of Both Worlds

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Black and white is gray, old world luxury and modern technology is Christopher Designs. The 38 year-old diamond jewelry manufacturing company, founded by Polish-born Christopher Slowinsky and based in the U.S., brings together the best of both worlds when it comes to diamond bridal and fashion rings. Slowinsky draws on his training on traditional jewelry making techniques, which he learned as a young jeweler apprentice in Europe, to create designs with unwavering beauty and elegance. On the other hand, he uses state-of-the art equipment to cut and polish his precious rocks according to his patented Crisscut pattern. The result of this fusion is a beautifully astounding line of diamond rings that are perfectly suited for engagement, weddings, anniversaries and rare life milestones.
Find Christopher Design's best of both worlds at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia. 

The Man Behind the Name

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Webster Ball was born in a farm in Knox County, Ohio but most of his life was dedicated and most remembered for his contribution in the watch making industry. His career in horology did not take a conventional turn either. His journey started with a two-year apprenticeship under a jeweler, after which he moved to Cleveland, Ohio to establish his own practice. He was the first jeweler to use time signals in his watches, revolutionizing the accuracy of timekeeping first in Cleveland, and later after an unfortunate event, in the whole country. When a grim collision in a railway was caused by slight time differences between the two trains, it was Webb Ball who was trusted to improve the system of keeping time. His Ball Watches were the first wrist watches allowed on the railway, and became one pillar in the improvement of accuracy in other domains all over the country.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.

Krypell's Road to Success

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For Charles Krypell, the road that led him to the pinnacle of jewelry making first introduced him to the beauty of sculpturing before he found his way into the jewelry making industry. A born artist, Charles Krypell's first love was making lifesize sculptures from more conventional materials such as marble. He had been selling his works early on, going as far back as his highschool days displaying his works of art at the school's cafeteria. The platform allowed him to express his creativity and honed his skills on three-dimensional art. But after spending some time in an artist's community away from his native New York, Charles found freedom and expedience in creating jewelry. There were more materials and techniques to create from and so many more combinations to explore. Until now, Charles Krypell still considers himself a sculptor, but in a totally different domain – one that allows others to enjoy and flaunt his creations as well.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized retailer for Charles Krypell.

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The Signature of the Masters

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Perfection is the signature of mastery. The perfect proportion and shape, consistently maintained stone by single stone, is the signature of expertise in diamond jewelry production. Signature Diamonds are created in such manner. Crafted from the top 1% of all the world’s diamonds and cut and finished following the most exacting standard, these special diamond stones are now the new standard of beauty. 15 years of research on the most perfect cut of diamonds resulted in the stringent process that creates every Signature Diamond, no matter which piece of jewelry it later lands on. Bigger, brighter and whiter, Signature diamonds are truly a cut above the rest. When you want perfection in a diamond, leave it to the masters. Leave it to the makers of  Signature Diamonds.
Sylvan’s on Main Street in Columbia is an authorized retailer for Signature Diamonds.

From Rare to Priceless

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The enchanting sparkle of the tanzanite is found in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro, and also on Suna Brothers’ collection rare stone jewelry pieces. The jewelry manufacturing company, which was established in New York by brothers Kenneth and Joel Suna, prides itself as a specialist in crafting jewelry pieces with unusual designs and rare precious stones such as the tanzanite. Suna’s seasoned team brings out the extraordinary beauty of each unique stone through innovative processes anchored in the centuries-old tradition of jewelry making. The tanzanite ring highlights the mysterious beauty of the stone by creating an unbroken ring of diamond around the velvety blue center stone that is kissed in facets with subtle shades of violet and burgundy. Indeed, Suna knows how to make every rare stone a truly priceless family treasure.
Find Suna Brothers at Sylvan’s on Main Street in Columbia.

What the Best of Us Deserve

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When you are a hardworking and skilful athlete, you deserve a timekeeper that is just as capable and works just as hard. In other words, you deserve a Tissot watch. The century-and-a-half old Swiss watch manufacturer dominates the world of sports as an official timekeeper and as a trusted training companion. Whether you are one with the passion and thirst for speed as a swimmer or cyclist or a motorcycle racer, or one who would go out there and meet the challenge head-on in sports like fencing, ice hockey and basketball, Tissot always figures into the picture. The label’s sports watches are equipped with the most innovative features in the sports watch industry, such as stop watch capability, chronograph functions, special logbook feature and a modern dial touch-screen interface. In the field of watch making, Tissot itself is far ahead its contemporaries in the race for innovations and trustworthiness.
Sylvan’s on Main Street in Columbia is an authorized retailer for Tissot.

Notice the Beeauty

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The Bee collection is one of Slane’s bestselling collections and flagship designs.  Characterized by an embossed bee profile on an octagonal frame, the Bee design has found its way into many of Slane’s much adored jewelry pieces, ranging from simple gold or sterling silver bee pendants to much more intricate station necklace designs and diamond studded pieces. The design sprang from Slane sisters Heath and Landon’s fascination with nature and the little beauties of everyday life. Bees are indeed remarkable creatures that embody nature’s amazing complexities, although they rarely have a fighting chance of catching our attention in our day to day lives. The Slane sisters, founders and owners of their eponymous jewelry manufacturing firm, want most of all to capture the loveliness of the world around us through beautifully crafted, fashionable contemporary jewelry.
This is exactly what they accomplished with their Bee collection, available at authorized retailer Sylvan’s on Main Street in Columbia.

Nothing but Extraordinary

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Are you looking for the extraordinary? When it comes to diamond bridal rings, extraordinary is spelled Precision Set. The Extraordinary collection by U.S.-based jewelry manufacturer Precision Set features the stunning brilliance of large center stones, intricate details, and rare accents. The elegant and luxurious rings are a cross between classic and contemporary diamond bridal rings with their rose gold and yellow gold accents. Extraordinary bears the timeless sophistication of classic diamond rings crafted according to centuries-old traditions. Yet it also stands out with its distinctive modern touch with its multi-hued gold shanks and profusions of high-quality diamond stones. Why should the symbol of your love and commitment be typical when it can be extraordinary?
Find Extraordinary and other Precision Set collections at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.

A Heart for Men

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There is a myriad of choices for wonderful diamond gifts for women. There should be just as much for men. They do deserve a treat for themselves as well, after all the trouble they go through for their ladies, don’t they?  Hearts on Fire diamond jewelry manufacturer has a special collection of diamond rings especially for designed for men. The diamond rings for men offer a sharp and bold style with understated urban fashion. Created using the same trusted quality standards of Hearts on Fire, the rings are fashioned from durable titanium in black, grey or sleek silver finish.  Hearts on Fire brings a fresh look to the old notion of diamond rings – a look that all men would surely welcome and love. 
Find Hearts on Fire’s men’s diamond wedding bands at authorized retailer Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.

Why Women Want Pandora

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Why choose Pandora Jewelry? Let us count the reasons why. There is always something special for any occasion. Whether it is her birthday, a cherished anniversary, or a celebration of life’s little successes, there is always a Pandora Jewelry’s piece perfectly fashioned for the occasion. The Pandora bracelet concept lets women create their own designs by adding charms one at a time at the unfolding of each chapter of their lives. With more than 600 different charms to choose from, there can be one unique charm for every unforgettable moment in life. Handcrafted by seasoned artisans using genuine materials, Pandora charms are individually crafted with careful attention to minute details. For 30 years, the jewelry company has been giving ladies all over the world a unique means of expressing beauty.
With over 10,000 retailers around the globe, Pandora Jewelry is accessible everywhere from authorized retailers such as Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

300 bosses only

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Leading Swiss watchmaker Victorinox Swiss Army had just launched its new AirBoss Mechanical Chronograph Limited Edition with Titanium case. Bold in its simplicity and modern in its perspective, the new AirBoss is an unmatched, highly-dependable flight instrument firmly founded on the Swiss watchmaking expertise of mechanical movement. on the outside, it is without doubt an eye-catching timepiece, with its elevated, luminous Arabic numerals and the dial tracks’ diamond-cut lines offering an unanticipated profoundness to the watch. A myriad of other exciting features abound, including the handsome, sandblasted matte titanium case, crimson-colored military time (placed inside the sapphire crystal), date designed with a color-coordinated white on black where, a mineral crystal exhibition caseback, among others. 
By the way, only 300 precious pieces of this handsome Limited Edition timepiece will be made. So get your own new AirBoss Mechanical Chronograph Limited Edition now at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia, an authorized Victorinox Swiss Army dealer.

Raymond Weil plays sweet music in London

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The Grammys is for the Americans. For the British, it is the Brit Awards. And for the eighth year in a row, Raymond Weil is the Official Watch and Timing Partner of the Brit Awards. As the official partner to the UK’s most prestigious music awards ceremony, the luxury Swiss watchmaker is embarking on a nationwide ad campaign throughout the Great Britain to further increase recognition of the brand’s relation with the Brit Awards. For 2014, a limited edition of Raymond Weil’s iconic Nabucco watch collection was made —totalling to only 85 pieces — and presented backstage to the award nominees, winners and VIPs at London’s The O2 Arena last mid-February. Each Nabucco timepiece epitomizes Raymond Weil’s unparalleled watchmaking craftsmanship, expert tradition, and design excellence. 
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized Raymond Weil distributor.

It's high time for him to shine with her

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Since time immemorial, majority of weddings had focused on the bride and such practice had been deeply ingrained in most cultures and religions everywhere. But things have been changing, especially at the turn of the 21st century, when age-old traditions are either changed or sometimes completely replaced by new ones. Nowadays, the debonair groom is slowly sharing the “centerstage,” so to speak, with his lovely bride, as evidence by the increasing number of wedding materials and accessories for grooms. When it comes to groom’s wedding bands, one name always stands out — Martin Flyer. This is because every Martin Flyer FlyerFit® For Him men's wedding band features the exclusive detailed grill work within each ring that precisely complements those of a woman’s bridal ring, which ultimately removes that “dreaded gap.” Martin Flyer wedding bands are available in various masculine styles and finishes.
You can check out the FlyerFit® For Him wedding band at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia, an authorized Martin Flyer dealer.

Uniquely Italian gem

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Artists typically seek to unearth the very essence of the materials that they use, like when a singer gives a soulful rendition of a musical composition or when a sculptor forms sublime figures from stones. In the same manner that the highly-skilled artisans behind Marco Bicego's Unico collection give it their all to capture the innate, unique beauty of every precious stone. Each gemstone that bedecks these Unico pieces has been professionally hand-picked for shining radiance and purity of form. Aside from the distinctive quality and genuine design expected on any Marco Bicego creation, each of these masterpieces has been embellished with uniqueness that cannot be duplicated — no two stones are similar and every piece exudes a limited cut exquisitely studied to boost its natural beauty. 
Visit Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia to know more of these elegantly unique Marco Bicego Unico pieces.

The maximum weight blunder

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Some jewelers are "tempted" to cut their diamonds to achieve maximum weight. Obviously for optimum return of investment. The sad thing is, such practice actually creates more losses than gains because, for example, cutting a normal Princess diamond for maximum weight results in weak return of white/colored light and radiance, which then creates a lacklustre stone with poor brilliance. It’s a different story, though, at FireMark Diamonds, where its special cutting methods zero in to unveil the inherent beauty of a stone and not to achieve the highest weight possible. Actually, because of this, each FireMark Princess Cut diamond’s radiance and return of light is practically matchless everywhere. Just like the 0.92k Fire Mark Princess Diamond VS2 Clarity G Color, whose scintillation and elegance are beyond compare. And for your peace of mind, each FireMark piece is laser-inscribed with a distinct GIA Certificate number.
Find that exclusive FireMark piece for you at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

Perfection beyond compare

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The word “paragon” means a model or pattern of excellence. When a woman is very virtuous, she can be called a “paragon of virtue,” or when a rich man gives almost everything that he has to charity, he is a “paragon of generosity.” This word originally came from the Italian word “paragone,” which means a “touchstone” to test or examine gold. When it comes to diamonds, one of the perfect models of excellence is definitely industry leader Mémoire, which, by some reasons of fate, has a selection of diamond pieces that are perfect exemplars of elegance and beauty — the Paragon Collection by Mémoire. Try checking out Mémoire’s Paragon Half Round Diamond Band, which is alluringly bequeathed with three rows of round brilliant diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold and see for yourself what a true paragon jewelry is. This piece is also available in platinum and 18 carat white gold variants.
Mémoire is available at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

Pearl for all Seasons

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To celebrate its colourful 120 years with a loud, “pearly” bang, Mikimoto is launching Four Seasons — an exclusive suite of (mostly pearl-inspired) rare jewelry pieces that highlight the incomparable splendor and charm of nature. True to its name, Four Seasons has something extraordinary made especially for everyone to celebrate each season of the year. This Collection’s Spring suite, for instance, showcases several exquisite White South Sea cultured pearl ring, pendant and earrings that resound the warmth and radiance that describe this joyous season of rebirth. Green tsavorites are meticulously mounted in yellow gold to form a lush, blooming field speckled with diamonds, amethysts, paraiba tourmalines, and pink and purple sapphires to create a garden overflowing with dynamic colors and life. The emerging collage conveys the hope and tranquility of a new season.
So get a piece or two for each season at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia, an authorized Mikimoto dealer.

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Patriotism gets elegantly chic

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The American flag is one of the most widely recognized and ubiquitous symbols of the United States. This iconic American emblem — also called as the Star-Spangled Banner flag — has become a powerful symbol of Americanism. It is a popular theme on decals for many things, especially for clothing ornaments like badges and lapel pins. Plain colored metal pins seemed to be rigidly formal, which somehow makes them lose some luster, lessening the impact and essence of what the pin stands for. Inspired by ardent American patriotism and elegant fashion sense, Suna Bros. designed its Diamond Sapphire and Ruby Flag. One’s zeal for Uncle Sam had never been this fashionably stately, with the pin’s 46 rubies (2.67k), 38 diamonds (0.79k), and 12 sapphires (1.01k) all meticulously set in platinum by the famous New York-based jewelry designer.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer of Suna Bros. creations.

Some companies simply can’t help it but…help

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Businesses or “for-profits” are operated to earn maximum income and to continually expand, while “non-profits” just keep enough funds to operate their offices then give the rest to charities and other groups. There are some for-profits, however, that prefer to defy the conventions of business and economics. John Hardy CEO Damien Dernoncourt shares this: “We believe in doing business differently…everything we do…is based on care and love. The well-being of our people as well as our social and environmental impact means everything to us.” This is why the company has been regularly supporting a long list of charitable organizations in Bali and elsewhere in the world — such as the Child Welfare Scheme, World Wide Fund, ForestEthics and around 25 more (and growing) — all within its commitment to help improve life on the planet through numerous ways. “After all,” the John Hardy CEO believes that, “the more you give, the more you receive.”
Please check out the exquisite John Hardy pieces at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia, an authorized dealer.

Arriving in precise time means safety

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Ball Watch is an organization born out of its founder’s absolute passion for punctuality and safety. Webster C. Ball started as a fledgling watchmaker for the American railroad network. It was in 1891 when passenger train collisions were a common accident which prompted Mr. Ball to design a timepiece with better precision so as to enhance punctuality which ultimately results in safety for trains. From that very first Ball Watch came an entire family of timepieces with deep historical association with the U.S. railroads. From then on, Ball Watch has grown immensely — trailblazing new avenues like technical diving and aviation. while holding on to its colorful past. A perfect example for the brand’s commendable evolution is the Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon that watch aficionados simply can’t help but consider as one of the most state-of-the-art timepieces in the market today.
Go and check out the Engineer Hydrocarbon and other powerful but handsome Ball Watch timepieces at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

A sterling performance

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Excitement surrounds the hearts and minds of the growing Charles Krypell fan base this 2014 as the popular sculptor-turned-jewelry designer will be introducing new exciting designs. The 2014 Charles Krypell Sterling selection will be showcasing creative play with colors, testimonials to sapphires, and sculptural depth in the three new collections to be launched — Tufted, Starlight, and Roxy — all new additions to the Krypell Ivy Collection. The Tufted Collection epitomizes sculptural pillows made of sterling silver, bedecked with hand set gold and silver beads. The Starlight Collection celebrates the timeless appeal of black and white with its deep black sapphires hand set in pave enriched with subtle white sapphire accents. And for the signature Charles Krypell innovative color-play, there’s the Roxy Collection that features intense dramatic multi-colored stones designed in charming montage patterns.
Find these stunning Charles Krypell designs at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

Engagement ring ideas? Just ask the receiver

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When shopping for engagement rings, we normally ask our drinking buddies for suggestions. But if you want to be more than sure to get the right one, why not get it straight from the horse’s mouth? In other words, directly ask our female counterparts. In fact, some experts say that while a bride-to-be may have no idea when she’ll be asked for engagement, it’s very likely that she knows what kind of engagement ring she would want to receive. Today, women tend to prefer engagement rings that are trendy (colored ones), princess cut (bigger-sized center stone), elegant (timeless beauty), simple (iconic), off-beat (unique design), and something really different from the rest.
Guess what? All of these qualities are found in the proven expert in engagement rings — Christopher Designs — such as the Christopher Designs .48k Crisscut diamond engagement ring, adorned with Crisscut center diamonds and halo styling. 
Available at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.

A game-changer

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Some people loves competition, some even thrive better when competition is intense. This is very much the name of the game in the jewelry industry, where only the best thrive and survive. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them, but why not up the ante another notch so that success will just be yours for the picking! This is likely the approach used by Signature Diamonds when it began its operations as it focused on the most critical element of jewelry quality — the cut. By commissioning the GIA to conduct the very first scientific research to study a diamond’s cut, Signature Diamond virtually changed the name of the game by exclusively creating diamonds based on the findings of the pioneering 15-year study. The result — diamonds with brilliance beyond compare, where each piece is cut with only the most precise angles and proportions to arrive at maximum fire, scintillation and brilliance. This is why every Signature Diamonds piece is “a cut above the rest.”
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized Signature Diamonds dealer.

This sweet art also has a big heart

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From being a humble practical craft, the art of sweetgrass basket making has become a highly important art form, helping traditional craftsmen elevate their craftsmanship from basketry to more value-added products. After three years of extensive design development and historical research, Sweet Charleston Designs has started creating a unique line of fine jewelry recognizing this centuries-old African American folk art. This original and exclusive line of fine jewelry seeks to laud the rich history and express the elegance of this sweet art from South Carolina. But more than achieving sales and recognition, the company is also known as an ardent supporter of indigenous groups and protection of the environment, such as the preservation of various Lowcounty, SC areas where sweet grass basket weavers derive their raw materials to produce their beautiful sweetgrass basket products.
Stop by at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia and check out these elegant Sweet Charleston Design pieces.


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