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With Music as Inspiration

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Raymond Weil is one of the last few standing independently-owned Swiss luxury watchmaker. It is known for staying true to its Swiss heritage – exhibiting ingenuity, precision and elegance. One of the few unique brands in the world, Raymond Weil owes much of its uniqueness to its major inspiration – music. Like beautiful music, Raymond Weil pieces are authentic evoke emotions, and show sophistication. The love for music has been handed down from generation to generation within the family just like the expertise of watchmaking. The brand has been actively involved in the music industry across all genres. The company continuously takes pleasure of partnering up with major music venues, talent shows, other platforms and charities intending to give music a more prominent importance in the world. 
Just like notes in lovely and complex musical compositions, the beauty, aesthetic proportions, precision and durability of Raymond Weil pieces are pre-meditated. From conception to the final stages of assembly, Raymond Weil’s attention to quality is unbroken. To browse through Raymond Weil collections first hand, visit Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 

Modern Tributes to Ancient Traditions

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John Hardy, since founded in 1975, had been known for innovative sterling silver jewelry. By drawing inspiration from traditional Balinese jewelry-making methods and patterns, John Hardy was able to capture and embody a distinct uniqueness that is not without universal appeal. By successfully marrying the modern sense of beauty with the elegance of traditional artisanship in a seamless manner, John Hardy made its indelible mark in the luxury jewelry market. Each John Hardy design comes into existence out of the synergy between an expert team of designers and artisans – all of these takes shape inside the company’s compound in Bali. 
The Classic Chain Collection highlights the high level of creativity and craftsmanship that is housed in the John Hardy compound. The sterling silver links remain to be hand-woven. This handcrafting produces a chain that is both visually stunning and comfortable to wear. This collection aims to be a tribute to the 19th century chain weaving techniques prized by ancient royalty. 
Add John Hardy pieces to your collection. Visit us at Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 

Everyday Luxury

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Marco Bicego is all about Italy. The brand combines old world tradition with modern designs. What makes Marco Bicego unique is the distinctive creative sensibility that shines out of every piece of jewelry – artisanal craftsmanship is employed to create alluring pieces of imperfect shapes with timeless beauty. This is only possible when the team of craftsmen behind every piece value perfection – and perfection is observed in every step of the process. Each piece in every collection goes through an exclusive manufacturing technique that was handed down from Marco Bicego’s father. The signature hand engraving is performed using a traditional “Bulino” – a special tool which gives Marco Bicego gold its unique fine brushed texture.  Marco Bicego is known for their hand twisted coil techniques. This, the designer believes, gives the contemporary “twist” that brings the timeless elegance of gold out more. 
To purchase Marco Bicego pieces that embody everyday luxury, visit  Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 

FlyerFit: When Two Become One

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Since its founding more than 65 years ago in the Bowery district, Martin Flyer has grown to be one of the most well-known brands in the jewelry industry. In 2006, the brand launched a special trademarked design called the FlyerFit – engagement and wedding band sets fit perfectly together. The line offers an innovative functional solution to “the dreaded gap” between the two rings. Staying true to the Flyer tradition of providing products of the highest quality to their customers, FlyerFit rings are all handmade by expert craftsmen using the finest raw materials available. FylerFit rings fall into one of Martin Flyer’s five classifications of engagement ring settings: solitaire, shared prong, three stone, pave and channel. This classification makes engagement ring selection easier. All FlyerFit rings come in platinum or 18k gold with the highest quality of diamonds. 
Known to draw from traditional techniques and values, Martin Fyler also possesses a constant drive to innovate. This is what makes Martin Flyer so unique. This is why Martin Flyer is for you. Visit Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia to select the FlyerFit ring for you. 

The Vanderbilt Chronograph by Ball Watch

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Ball Watch takes pride in being Swiss-made and American owned. Since 1891, the company has been producing timepieces that meet the strictest accuracy, reliability and quality parameters without compromising good looks. Pieces from Ball Watch allow their wearers to keep in-style even under extreme conditions. One eye-catcher is the Conductor Vanderbilt Chronograph. It comes in a 38.5mm x 51mm stainless steel case with the height of 14.3mm. The Dial comes in Black or Grey and the band is a crocodile leather strap. It is capped with a TV screen anti-reflective sapphire crystal with a curved sapphire crystal back and a screwed-in crown. 
This beauty is powered by a self-winding automatic caliber BALL RR1401 movement and has 14 micro gas tubes on hands and dial for night reading. It is water resistant up to 50m and has the shock resistance of 5,000Gs. This is a perfect blend of sophistication, style and reliability. 
Come and see the Vanderbilt Chronograph up close. Visit us at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia. 

Some Shine Brighter Than Others

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It is the cut of a diamond that brings out its brilliance. And one brilliant patented cut has captivated people for years. It is called the Crisscut – a name chosen as a reference to the crisscrossed facets that draws out the diamond’s brilliance, light dispersion and scintillation. This has been invented by no other than Christopher Slowinski of Christopher Designs – a designer known for uniting classical jewelry training and state of the art techonology to create elegant pieces worthy to symbolize love that lasts forever. The Crisscut family is made up of 4 styles – Round, Emerald, Cushion, and the Asscher.  The higher number of facets allows Crisscut diamonds to shite brighter than its counterparts. 
To find exceptionally brilliant pieces by Christopher Design perfect as an engagement or a wedding ring, visit Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 

See More of the Precious Pastel Collection

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Charles Krypell designs have continuously pushed boundaries. Each piece is intended to be enjoyed at every single angle and every dimension. Like a sculpture, Charles Krypell jewelries are creatively designed to portray movement and dynamic flow in perfect balance. This is where Charles’ background as a sculptor comes handy. With the philosophy that the sculptor is to the art collector as the jewelry designer is to the discerning buyer, Charles’ Krypell doesn’t seek to gratify customers; instead he endeavors to cultivate collectors. It is this attitude that enabled the brand to reach world recognition – it is not about just owning one piece, it’s all about enjoying the whole ensemble. His creative genius is evidenced by the Precious Pastel Collection. One of the many highlights in this collection is the reversible pendant. The piece boasts two looks simultaneously having colors forward and backward with peridot and diamonds on one side and encrusted diamonds on the other. 
To see more of the Precious Pastel Collection, visit us at Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Busy as a bee

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Who would never admire how active and industrious bees are? These tiny but highly productive insects are perpetually in constant energetic motion going around gathering raw materials from flowers to produce honey and beeswax as well as play an active role in pollination. Inspired by these Lilliputian but highly industrious creatures, eco-friendly jewelry designer Slane created the Slane Bee Collection, which includes elegant rings, earrings, and pendants in pave diamond, yellow gold, and sterling silver. A classic hit since its launching is the Slane Bee Yellow Gold Ring — an 18k yellow gold ring that showcases the famous Slane Bee set on an octagon back design. This also comes in other charming designs like the black enamel and mixed metal. 
Slane Bee rings and other Slane pieces are available at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.

Extraordinary is a normal thing at Precision Set

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Everyday life for most of us is mundanely typical. We wake up on Monday mornings to eat breakfast and prepare for either work or school. When noon time comes, we all take our lunch. Mid-afternoons call for coffee or tea and some snacks. Early evening beckons us to trek to our dinner tables to partake supper, then after a few hours, it’s time for most of us to hit the sack. When the moon gives way for the sun the next day, we do the same ordinary stuff all over again. But, for some of us, special and extraordinary things are perpetually the order of the day, just like at Precision Set. Here, every single jewelry piece created is made beyond ordinary standards, unparalleled quality and style, and utmost attention to the minutest detail. For starters, why don’t you check out the Precision Set Extraordinary Collection to readily experience what true exceptional jewelry is all about?
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Helping you pop that big question

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People tend to think that men experience the most intense goosebumps when shopping for an engagement ring. The truth is that what happens next — the moment to ask the big “Will you marry me?” question — is what really brings the coldest of shivers even to the bravest guys! While there are such things are machismo and hubris, everything eventually becomes a mere male façade that simply breaks down and melts when it comes to popping the big question. Good thing, though, that you can count on Hearts on Fire to take care of finding the perfect ring for the occasion. And for sure, if you’ll be proposing with a Hearts on Fire engagement ring, your woman’s answer will likely be an affirmative one.
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Romancing the rare stone

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During the late 1960s, a Tanzanian sailor and miner chanced upon some unfamiliar particles of strikingly velvety blue gem crystals in a hilly portion near Mr. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. He first thought it was peridot, later a dumortierite, but then sought the expertise of a nearby geologist, who brought the unknown gemstones to New York. From there, the stones were brought for further verification at the Gemological Institute of America and to other leading mineralogists, all of whom identified that the gems were a variety of zoisite. While the unknown stone travelled the world into the hands of different global experts for proper identification, the first correct determination of the unknown gem that came from Tanzania was, ironically, a Tanzanian government geologist! Still, Tanzanites are noted to have that mysterious unique trait to alternately change in hues — violet, burgundy, and blue—based on crystal orientation.
Get your own exquisite Tanzanite jewelries by Suna Bros. at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.

Signed with highest quality

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The word “signature” came from the Latin word “signare” which means to sign. Before we came to know emails and the Internet, a signature primarily refers to one’s handwritten representation of his/her own name to verify a person’s identity and support his or her agreement with a certain document. As such, the key element in a signature is the owner’s established individuality and intention. The same reasoning goes with Signature Diamonds. Since it’s the product of one-and-a-half decades of in-depth study made by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s most respected expert in gems, you can always be sure that each Signature Diamond commands the same confidence anyone puts with GIA. So the next time you go shopping for jewelries, look only for those that bear the signature of GIA: Signature Diamonds. That is, if you only prefer peace of mind, value, and unparalleled quality.
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer of Signature Diamonds.

A very sweet, sublime tradition

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South Carolina’s history is undoubtedly one of the most illustrious among all American states, being the first of the 13 original colonies to declare independence from the Britain during the American Revolution. It is also home to one of the oldest traditional art forms, sweet grass or rice winnowing basket-making, which had been passed from one generation to the next for over 300 years. Today, it is still thriving in the area, especially among communities in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston. To celebrate this true African-American legacy, Sweet Charleston Designs created its Sea Island Collection, which includes the .925 Sterling Silver Sweet Grass Basket. Featuring custom-embossed earrings with sterling lever back wire, these splendid silver jewelry employed similar traditional embossing techniques and are created to share the story behind South Carolina’s sweet grass baskets.
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer of Sweet Charleston Designs.

A (time)piece of history

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It was in the rustic, unpaved roads of Le Locle, Jura Mountains in 1853 when Tissot was founded by the father-and-son team of Charles-Félicien and Charles-Émile Tissot. From this humble beginning, armed with their Swiss watchmaking expertise, uncanny artistic and technological skills, some francs to buy materials, and a pocketful of dreams, emerged one of the most highly revered and successful Swiss watch making organizations today. Tissot’s glorious 160 years, which saw the creation of some of the world’s defining moments — the world’s first anti-magnetic watch, first synthetic plastic movement watch, first rock watch, first pointer and digital dual display watch, first lithium battery life force, first multi-touch sensing T-Touch watch, and much, much more — can be safely and justifiably summarized in these few words: Tissot had, is, and will always be ahead of its time.
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer of Tissot.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Which Diamond Cuts are for you?

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Which diamond cut is the best? The most popular is the round cut, which is timeless and evokes a classic elegance. It’s by far the most admired diamond cut for engagements and weddings. However, it is not always the trendiest or fashionable. Princess cuts are more popular today among celebrities and high-profile weddings. It provides couples a break from the style that their parents and grandparent shad hooked on during their weddings without straying too far to lose the diamond’s classic feel. Nevertheless, for a revolutionary princess cut appeal, there’s the FireMark Cut. Exclusive to the signature, this cut is considered above industry standards as set by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s premier authority on diamond cutting. It has an unprecedented 98% average light return as well as excellent grades for polish, symmetry, and light performance, all as verified by the Institute.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for FireMark Diamonds.

Bridal Jewelry by Mémoire

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Considering a Mémoire bridal jewelry for your wedding? You have a wide selection to choose from. The Diamond Bouquets collection offers solitaire, paved, and pronged diamond rings in 18k white gold for that perfect luxury. It has bracelets with brilliant diamonds set around the chain and stud and dangling earrings that exhibit diamonds with a 2.3 ct look. Meantime, the Diamond Hoop collection is equally glamorous. It includes earrings with round brilliant cut diamonds in 18k white or yellow gold. Another nice bridal jewelry collection is Odessa. The Odessa diamond band features an eternity look with brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k white gold and featuring the Ultimate Fit by Mémoire. It’s also available  in rose and yellow gold and platinum. Whatever the collection is, a Mémoire is sure to add luxury and elegance to your wedding day.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mémoire.

The Man Behind the Watch

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They say you can tell a lot about a person by the watch he wears. It easily gives you a hint of his status or taste. There are watches that are exclusively luxurious and watches that are targeted purely at the outdoor adventurer. But some watch brands are more complex to discern. Like a Raymond Weil. It’s elegant, we know, highlighted by the leathery straps and graceful lines exhibited in many of its collections. The Maestro collection, especially, evokes a classic luxury in its rose gold casing. But Raymond Weil can also be sporty like its Nabucco collection. In steel and titanium this timepiece line brags bold features, such as outer dial for dive metering and a 46mm diameter casing. So how do you place a man wearing a Raymond Weil? A man of taste, maybe. 
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Raymond Weil.

Anniversary Diamonds

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Martin Flyer offers a wide array of diamond rings to commemorate anniversaries. Generally, you can choose the anniversary band by looks. The Stacker is worth the attention for its twisting band set with paved diamonds. For a more lavish impression, the Double Row anniversary band exhibits two rows of diamonds in shared prong. Meanwhile, you can opt for a Color band featuring color gemstones that accentuate the diamonds. This collection can provide a refreshing break to the diamond rings that your partner probably has more than one set already. The Huggie is another diamond band for anniversaries. It’s stout but maintains the same elegance and glamour that a Martin Flyer diamond is renowned for. These are just a few of the most notable diamond rings to celebrate your anniversary.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

Find your Pandora Style

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Six hundred charms and the number is increasing. That’s how much Pandora Charms are at your fingertips when you create your own charm bracelet. It’s like setting loose a kid in a huge candy store. We can think of different concoctions to create a personal bracelet. By color, type, theme, or a mix, the combinations are endless. You can choose gold, silver, or two-toned for the bracelet itself. Add glass, wood or enamel as your charms. Then there are charms with set or paved stones. Lastly, you can throw in a theme. Select from various themes such as animals, fairy tale, floral, love, and travel. Add to that, Pandora also has spacers and safety chains, both of which feature a wide range of styles, too. Find your own style with a range of Pandora Charms at your disposal.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

The Swiss to the Rescue

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It’s a simple problem that could have had a major impact. Our family went for a night camp at the forest, a few miles away from the nearest town. We stocked in canned goods and bottled drinks to last us for three days. Everything went smoothly until lunch time came. Nobody thought to bring the can opener. It was funny if not for the fact that we’re hungry. I thought it’s like installing state-of-the-art anti-burglar system in the house and forgetting to close the front door. After some minutes of pointing fingers at each other I remembered I always have this basic Swiss Army pocket knife attached in my backpack like a key chain. I put it there not so much that I’m always preparing for situations like this, but just to show off the brand, like I’m some outdoor-going dude. Well you guess it, my family didn’t die of starvation that day. Thanks to me.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Swiss Army.

Pearly Brilliance

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What make pearls elegant? Pearls have unique luster that sets them apart from gemstones. The luster appears subdued, which depends on the pearls’ reflection, refraction, and diffraction. But its iridescence that truly catches the eye. The appearance of very subtle hue gradients is caused by the overlapping layers of the pearl, which breaks the light. This is the sense of depth when you look at the core of a Mikimoto pearl. The center seems to trap a glow inside that can’t escape, much like light from a black hole. It’s this feature that gives the Mikimoto elegance and glamour. Unlike diamonds that broadcast their brilliance, pearl jewelry is quiet and confident. And when it comes to pearls, nothing comes close to the mastery of pearl culture by Mikimoto.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.


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