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Meet the Swiss Army Infantry

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The Victorinox Swiss Army brand started out in 1884 as Karl Elsener’s cutler shop, where he designed and pioneered the world-famous Swiss Army knife for the country’s armed forces.  A hundred years hence, the brand has not lost ties with its army origins, and the brown and green colors of the Swiss Army still crop up in many of its designs. The Victorinox Infantry Vintage mechanical watch, sports not only these emblematic shades but also the rugged sophistication and reliability of the military. The solid make of the Swiss watch encloses a mechanical self-winding movement that is viewable through the clear exhibition case back of the piece. The distinctive green dial shows a day calendar on the 12th hour, a date calendar on the 3rd and alternately sized numeral indicators on the multi-textured face of the watch. An inner circle of smaller numerals counts the hours in 24-hour format. In general, the watch is a picture of rugged and durable device in a beautifully remarkable package.

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Your Mémoire, Your Style

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Memories are important, and the moments that hold a prominent spot in our reminiscence deserve the best things to symbolize them. Mémoire, the prominent diamond jewelry manufacturer in the United States, designs and crafts exclusive guild-end-quality bridal rings using the finest materials and technology available. The brand’s various collections are geared towards different couple’s personalities and preferences, perfectly representing the unique bond between them as they announce their engagement or express their marital vows. The Pave Silk, Rolling Ring, and Toujours collections are chic and contemporary designs that dazzle with elegance with a touch of modern spunk. Selections such as the Purity, Odessa, Diamond Hoops, and Diamond Bouquets bear the timeless elegance of classic design for those who prefer the more romantic traditional theme. The Memory Fit collection marries practicality and sophistication by fitting the engagement and wedding band together to avoid that much dreaded gap in between.

Find more of Mémoire’s collections that fit your own ideal pair at Sylvan’s – authorized dealer for Mémoire diamond rings.

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Explore the Universe of Pandora

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You are what you wear – literally, if you express your style through Pandora Jewelry’s precious charms. Popular since their launch in 2000, Pandora’s charms has a patented system of threading so that charms of different designs could be placed, added or rearranged. The “necklaces and bracelets with keepers” are made of wrist bands that could be leather, sterling silver or textile, and also include spacers and clips that secure loose beads and keep the charms from falling off when the bracelet is opened. the charms come in about 800 varied designs ranging from cutesy heart or airplane charms to elegant black and white or diamond-studded gold beads. These charms, which could be mixed and matched to express a unique story, are made of creative and precious materials like colored glass, enamel, silver and other precious metals, and semi-precious and precious gems including tsavorite, pearls, rubies and other gems. Pandora’s charms opens the door for unbounded possibilities for self expression. Go ahead and express your creativity.

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The Science of Perfection

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The process of diamond cutting is a stringent science and the industry’s elusive standard is perfection. The makers of the patented FireMark Diamond invested years to develop the perfect means to make the princess cut – the second most popular diamond cut which is shaped like a face up square on an inverted pyramid base with four bevelled sides. After countless trial and error, DTC finally has a United States Patent, a GIA certification and a GCAL grading to back up their claim that the FireMark Princess Cut Diamond is the most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is, period. The test results from the two prime authorities in the diamond industry show an unprecedented 98% average light return, “Excellent” rating in Polish and Symmetry, and “Excellent” grade for Light Performance. FireMark owes its outstanding results to its unique combination of a higher crown, a smaller table and a shallower depth – a revolutionary cut that produces brilliance to rival the Ideal Round cut. With FireMarks, perfection is not the standard, it is the norms.

Check out FireMark Diamonds at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.


The Modern Expression of Timeless Classics

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The 47-year old Swiss watch company, Raymond Weil, bears the Weil family’s collective love for the theatre and classical music. This shows through in many of the brand’s famous collections such as Nabucco, a set of gentlemen’s chronographs named after the Italian opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The Cuore Caldo Twelve, a recent addition to the collection, subtly blends the sleek modernity of steel, titanium and carbon fiber with the warm and classic richness of 18 carat rose gold and prominent dial design. At the very heart of the “côtes de Genève” piece is an outstanding mechanical chronograph movement with automatic winding, split-second function and 42-hour power reserve indicator. A classic-font “Twelve” indicator and noticeable chronometer borders on the dial, wrapped by an elegant tachymeter bezel, all in rose gold that glimmer like sunset, give an air of drama to the whole piece. Like the rest of Nabucco, Cuore Caldo Twelve upholds the brand’s tradition of refinement and technical supremacy.
Express your own passion for the classics with Raymond Weil’s collections, available at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.   


The Perfect Fit is FlyerFit

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Having been in the bridals business since 1946, Martin Flyer continues its family tradition of producing elegantly designed diamond rings expertly crafted from the highest quality materials and offered in competitive prices coupled with first-class service. The brand’s flagship collection FlyerFit was launched in 2006, a much sought-after collection that sets wedding bands and engagement rings perfectly together into one beautiful design. Martin Flyer’s unique technology eliminates the space on the finger that exists between the wedding and the engagement rings due to incompatible designs, which is called “the dreaded gap” in the bridals terminology. Each piece of the FlyerFit collection is carefully handcrafted by expert artisans using the finest raw materials such as the precious metal platinum and high-grade, precisely cut Hearts and Arrows Ideal diamonds. Find the perfect pair of diamond rings from a trusted name in the industry.

Check out the Flyerfit and other Martin Flyer bridal collections at Sylvan’s Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.


Living Dreams

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In 1905, the young Kokichi Mikimoto once confided to the Meiji Emperor at the Ise Shrine: “I would like to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.” He had then just perfected the world’s first spherical cultured pearls. At that time he had no idea how far this seemingly preposterous dream would take him or his name. A century and a score of years later, Kokichi’s vision is almost entirely fulfilled. The Mikimoto house of pearls is still the finest producer of in-house grown cultured pearls – the famous Akoya, South Sea pearls, black pearls and even Conch. The world-renowned label takes pride not only in its fine organic gems but also in its classic and contemporary designs of pearl decked jewelries like the stunning Milano Collection designed by famous Italian artist Giovanna Broggian at the turn of the century. Find the best classic or contemporary pearl jewelries among Mikimoto’s enchanting collections, and take part in the fulfilment of a daring century-old dream.
Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.


More Brilliance, More Value

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They say, sometimes less is more. Keyword: Sometimes. More often, more is really more. Like in the case of Christopher Designs and the brand’s famous crisscut diamonds. The renowned maker of diamond fashion and bridal designer jewelry creates its unique diamond pattern using a crisscrossed facet configuration and arrangement to maximize the stone’s beauty. The facets are almost twice as many as the number in the conventional cuts, and continually bounce light off each other to radiate unequalled brilliance and seemingly infinite scintillation. The Crisscut Brilliant round, one of Christopher Designs’ proud symbols of innovative excellence, has 109 facets that show off a dozen arrows pointing towards the center. Its 12 exquisitely cut straight walls and sides form the illusion of a flawlessly elegant scalloped border. The starburst brilliance of the Crisscut gives diamonds a whole new glamorous outfit – whether it is the most popular round cut, the more vintage cushion, trendy emerald or rare asscher. Christopher Designs believes in giving you more – more innovations, more brilliance, and more value.

Check out Christopher Designs at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.


Beauty Begets Beauty

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John Hardy is a designer jewelry manufacturer like no other. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia, John Hardy is home to local artisans and designers who are all trained in the European methods of jewelry making. They are also experts in the Balinese tradition of crafting awe-inspiring oriental ornaments. The unique mix of Asian and European influences creates John Hardy’s interesting, modern chic yet easy-going themes in its collections, most of which are famous across the globe. The company’s compound itself is as appealing as the pieces of gems that are being fashioned there. John Hardy’s local style low-impact buildings and resort-like architecture and landscaping, make a beautiful backdrop to the creative process that happens daily in its workshops. As a matter of fact, head designer Guy Bedarida and his team find most of their designs in the beautiful display of nature that surround them in the compound. Indeed beauty begets beauty, and one thriving proof of that is John Hardy.

Check out the brand’s collections at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.


Where Passion Leads You

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A wise man once said, “Pursue your passion, and success will simply follow”. Marco Bicego did, and success literally followed him around as he travelled and scrounged the world for beauty to inspire his vast array of contemporary jewelry collections. The Italian designer from Veneto near Venice hails from a family of goldsmiths, but Marco wanted to create something more than just luxurious adornments. His love for nature, colored stones and things organic moved him to create his casual yet sophisticated jewelry lines. Inspired by the “imperfect perfection” of nature and the striking personalities of different cityscapes from all over the globe, Bicego’s selections display ingeniously cut colored gems arrayed in asymmetrical gold chains.  His signature design that graces all his pieces, a hand-engraved grainy texture that is inspired by the rugged and effortless appeal of the environment, is a favorite in the fashion industry for either casual day wear or elegant cocktail nights.

Find the brand’s lovely pieces at Sylvan’s Jewelers – an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.


Ball Watch: Born Tough

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The unwavering core mission of Ball Watch since 1891 is also the brand’s time-tested claim to fame – “Accuracy under adverse conditions.” It was more than a hundred years ago when American jeweler and watchmaker Webster Ball, the brand’s founding figure, established a solid reputation for Ball Watch as the official railway standard watch in the United States. Ball Watch has gone to many more places since then, but its aspiration remains unchanged. The Swiss-made, American-inspired watch manufacturer single-mindedly produces modern and sophisticated mechanical watches with to-the-dot accuracy, uncompromised reliability, above-par functionality and tough ruggedness that surmounts the most adverse conditions in the planet – or out of it. Every watch is mounted with in-house calibre movements, 7,500 G force shock resistance, -40 degree Celsius temperature tolerance, patented crown protection system and the patented Ball-engineered micro gas light technology that light up brightly for at least 25 years with no external sources of power. Live, work, play and find adventure in the most adverse conditions with the toughest name ever.

Ball watch is available at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.


Artful Pieces of History

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The sweet grass basketry of Charleston, South Carolina is a surviving remnant of America’s colonial past. Designers Angie Buxton and Janie Manning founded Sweet Charleston Designs as a tribute to this historic art form that was brought over by enslaved persons from West Africa before the turn of the 1700’s. Angie and Janie design their lowcountry  jewelr y pieces with the basket’s ancient coiled pattern to honor the oldest recognized African American Art Form in the country. The collections feature pendants, bracelets and rings made of custom cast oxidized silver handwoven with 18k gold or silver in sweet grass weaving. Some designs such as the Savanah River collection features an exquisite Mabe Pearl wrapped in graciously twisted basket style. Every piece is a creative form of cultural art and historical appreciation. Find the Sweet Charleston Designs and reconnect with the country’s rich history. 
Sylvan’s on Main Street in Columbia is an authorized dealer for Sweet Charleston Designs.

Pink Passion by Suna

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Argyle Diamond Mine in the remote East Kimberly region of Australia is the world’s largest source of rare pink diamonds. Out of the mine’s 40 million carats production per year, only 10 thousand carats are pink diamonds and part of that precious percentage goes to the diamond jewelry workshops of  Suna Brothers in New York City. After their long journey from Australia to America, the pink diamonds undergo an even longer process under the hands of expert Suna gem setters and jewelry makers. The brand uses a long list of tools, from the most traditional techniques to the most modern equipment, to bring out the beauty of these beautifully colored rocks. Suna then showcases their radiant hues in the brand’s various jewelry designs such as the platinum diamond leaf bracelet, the pink diamond starfish pendant, and the more classic platinum and diamond snowflake pin. 
Find the rare beauty of the pink diamonds expressed in the Suna Brothers artistry, available at Sylvan’s on Main Street in Columbia  - authorized retailer for Suna Brothers.

The Signature of Expert Craftsmanship

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Signature Diamonds are the new standard of beauty in the jewelry making industry, thanks to the brand’s precise angles and proportions that maximize the stone’s radiant light and sparkle across its surface. It is often explained in basic information about diamonds that the cut is the most important factor that affects a diamond’s beauty and value.  The Signature cut sets proportion standards that are more stringent than GIA’s Excellent ratings, which results in consistently similar stones in terms of proportion, symmetry and polish. The precise angles also gives Signature Diamonds a much larger table that efficiently refracts light to the top and avoids the two pit falls of diamond cutting – the fish-eye and nail head effects, both of which minimize the dazzling brilliance, fire and scintillation of a wrongly-cut stone. Signature’s modern cutting technology produces stones with dazzling brilliance that is unmistakably exquisite.  
Check out Sylvan’s Signature Diamonds at their Columbia location.

What Modern Women Wear

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The Slane sisters Heath and Landon are the perfect reflection of the fashionable, modern women. Immersed in family life, busy with booming careers, and completely involved in social activities – they embody the full lifestyle of today’s well-rounded women. The Slane Jewelry is the expression of their creativity and passionate artistry. Inspired by the ladies’ love for nature, architecture, history and art, the first of the Slane collection debuted 15 years ago as sterling silver pieces meant to be heirloom items passed down from generation to generation. The collection plays on various textures, stones and designs much like the way the various roles of a woman interplay and merge into one beautiful life for her. Heath and Landon want the Slane woman to also create her own look and story out of Slane Jewelry’s casual yet glamorous ensembles. After all, the only thing truly general about women is the unique and beautiful personality within. 
Find Slane Jewelry collections at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia – an authorized retailer for Slane Jewelry.

Perfect Moments for Two Hearts on Fire

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A couple’s engagement, wedding and anniversary are the most intimate moments they will share together, which is why everything should be perfect – especially the diamond rings that signify the occasion. Hearts on Fire are expertly crafted with ultimate care and attention to detail especially for these special moments. The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing elegant and enduring diamond jewelry that sparkle in their intricate precious stone settings. Hearts on Fire diamonds that adorn the jewelry pieces are cut to perfection using rare technology that is 10 times higher than the industry standard. The stones shine with a perfect ring of eight hearts at the bottom and a perfectly symmetrical fireburst of light at the top. Worn as a solitary central stone on an engagement ring, a dazzling diamond crusted wedding band or a more emotive anniversary band, Hearts on Fire diamonds never fail to bring an extra shaft of brilliance and romance to the event. 
Find the perfect Hearts on Fire ring for you and your loved one at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia. 

The Art of Precision

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Heirloom rings, statement pieces and precious gifts all mean one thing to the informed and discriminating diamond buyer – perfect cutting precision and enduring elegance that dance around contemporary and classic designs. Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works sets stringent standards for diamond cutting, true to the implications of the brand’s name. The company’s designs all exude the most exceptional quality and are crafted with painstaking attention to the smallest detail – whether in the cut of each stone or the intricate settings that hold the stones securely and fashionably in place. Seasoned artisans and gemologists at Precision Set’s Dallas workshop craft and hand-finish each piece, from unique statement pieces to the delicate heirloom rings. The brand also complements this exceptional craftsmanship with equally outstanding service and costumer care. 
Enjoy your own Precision Set experience at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia – authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Time for a Burst of Energy

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A touch of the color orange always gives a burst of energy, which might be why Tissot aptly chose it for its specialized racing touch, the Tissot Racing-Touch. The highly technical sports watch by the world’s leading techy watch brands makes sure the wearer gets more out of it than just accurate timetelling. With 11 touch-activated functions, Racing-Touch serves a myriad of purposes for the serious athlete in the training race tracks. The model bears a convenient touch-activated stopwatch that could record lap times for single runners as well as multiple participants. Along with this virtual racing trainer capability is a handy compass, dual time zone capability, backlights on the sleeve, a tide calculator and a remarkable lap chronograph with a unique logbook feature. The stainless steel case and orange silicon strap are water resistant up to 10 bars, making sure the Electronic Lcd movement under the tactile sapphire crystal is perfectly dry and functional even 330 feet under water. Serious racers seriously consider Tissot’s Racer-Touch. 
Find them at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia – authorized dealer for Tissot.

Sculpted Adornments

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Charles Krypell is the famous sculptor turned jewelry designer from New York, whose works are famous for their intricate 360 degree designs. Aware of the animated and eventful lifestyle of the young American woman, Krypell uses his artistic and innate creative talent to craft his premier jewelry lines that dazzle and shine with remarkable intricacy no matter which angle they are viewed from. His works are meant to be enjoyed from multiple dimensions, just like his larger-scale sculptures. Toting Krypell’s Precious Pastel or Sterling Silver ensembles that are fashioned using precious metal and rare stones like peridot and morganite, women stand out with modern fashion and elegance no matter what they are doing – waving hands, talking animatedly with friends or even just flipping hair while maneuvering their way through a busy boulevard.

Check out your future share of the Charles Krypell collection at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.



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