Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Lady for the Occasion

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The Slane Atelier Collection has the sophistication of a lady who is sexy in confidence. The fine lines represent the delicate sensuality of this woman, while the strong chain links exhibit her assured stance. Likewise, this collection runs the gamut of a color palette suggesting her openness for novel ideas. The Atelier showcases aquamarine, sky blue, pastel maroon, jade green; while the same collection features traditional colors such as gold, silver, pearl, and emerald. This necklace collection also has interesting pendants that provide a deviation from classic elegance. The tassel is sensual and the horn wholly mammoth ivory is teasing. Nonetheless, the Atelier Collection also has a room for the more traditional lady. She can go pearl, yellow gold and diamond. But it’s easy to imagine we’re talking of just one lady here who happens to know when to exude what projection on which occasion. 
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Slane.

Tissot is Adventure and Action

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What is Tissot without adventure or action? The luxury Swiss watchmaker has produced elegant timepieces such as the Tissot Titanium and PRC 100, but it’s its sophisticatedly rugged watches that made Tissot a global watch icon. Tissot Racing Touch is unmistakable action-packed, yet the rugged appearance is tamed by the monochrome grey body and sun yellow orange strap. Tissot also has a piece for the sea, the Sailing Touch with its red dial providing a masculine outdoor feel. This is only matched by the Tissot Sea-Touch in yellow tones, a perfect fusion of adventure and luxury in one solid timepiece. Meantime, the Tissot T-Race is one of the iconic Tissot pieces ever, featuring the combined rugged composite against gold accents that add elegance to the otherwise adrenaline rush of competitive racing.
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Like Your First Love

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It’s like falling for your first love all over again. The deep colors are mesmerizing. The intricate designs are captivating. It’s classic and it is colorful. The Suna Bros. Classics in Color makes you a naïve admirer, a hopeless prisoner of beauty and passion. From pendants to rings, earrings to necklaces, this Suna Bros. line is every inch a timeless luxury that, like your first love, will always have a special place in your heart. Most notably, the Platinum Diamond Black Opal Lace Earrings is elegant and absorbing in its gradient sea of blue and green. Set as earrings, the gemstones radiate a depth like the deepest trench of the Pacific. Wear them and you’ll feel luxury at once, as well as the people around you will do as they gape at the earrings in admiration.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Suna Bros.

Create the Perfect Pandora

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Pandora Jewelry provides a cool web tool to help you design your Pandora bracelet even before you visit an authorized dealer. The process is simple and you have a slew of Pandora styles and material to choose from. First, pick the bracelet you like. It can be silver leather, a silver collier, or a gold collier bracelet. Next, you choose the length, either 17, 19, or 20 cm. Then choose which charms you want to add. Pandora has over 60 charms in various themes, from the cute to the elegant. You can opt for a similar metal type or create an accent to the bracelet by choosing an opposite type such as a green faceted glass against silver leather or a sparkling blue charm against a gold collier. The combinations are endless or at least as far as your imagination can take you.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

Love at First Sight (again)

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I’m in charge of setting up our company’s I.T. infrastructure so I have to be away at times when we need to integrate an offshore office. I was assigned for a year in Asia, and being married for five years now I thought I wouldn’t feel homesick for long. Honestly, although I have a good marriage, the romance isn’t just there anymore. We kind of drifted apart in slow motion, and an overseas assignment was a welcome respite. Or so I thought. Just a few weeks abroad, I missed my wife so much that it brought me back to my senses. I love her and the passion is just hibernating. It took me to be away from her for just a week and I was back to thinking about her again. Perhaps none can illustrate this feeling more than when I came back three months after for a break and holding a Hearts on Fire diamond ring in front of her. Who says it’s the stuff only for the newlyweds?
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Trick on How to Open a Canned Good

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There’s a reliable way to open a canned good in case you’ve lost or forgotten the can opener. Find a solid rock with at least six inches of flat surface. Overturn the can making sure the top part is in direct contact with the flat surface. Then rub the top part vigorously against the stone’s flat surface for about thirty seconds. Make sure to do this continuously until you can feel the top a little hotter caused by the friction of the tin against the rock. Then put the can upright and using two hands press the side of the can. The upper lid will come off easily. That’s because you rubbed off a thin film of tin that glues the lid with the rim. But why make life hard for you. Just bring your Swiss Army knife always with you. Put it in your bag or use it like a keychain so it goes with you wherever and whenever you decide to go outdoors.
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True Love, in Style

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Sometimes it’s better to define what it is not to get a clearer picture if you’re in love or just a captive of it. It is not about manipulation, “if you love me, then you’d…” It is not compromising your person or personality. You don’t need to change your nature (except the bad habits) to prove your love. It is not demanded, it is earned like respect. And it isn’t violent, definitely. If your relationship is marred with physical and even emotional violence—threats and nagging—you’re not in love. But when you care, when you’re attracted to someone despite of himself or herself and intimate with him or her, such is the nature of love. It’s worth the Precision Set FlushFit, a hallmark of true love, in style.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Years after the I do

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You’re in the middle of your marriage now, neither young nor old, but admittedly worn out in some ways. You’re no longer excited about the little things she does, neither she finds your quirks cute but annoying. You still love each other deeply (and will do forever), but the practical burden of everyday life has transformed your romance into commitment, your passion into obligation. It’s time to put fire back into your marriage. In your anniversary give her a Martin Flyer Classic Wedding Day jewelry pendant. In 14k white gold studded with diamonds, this piece will remind her of that spark the day you gave her a Martin Flyer engagement ring years ago. When your marriage goes through the banal times, a Martin Flyer can always bring passion back to it.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

Gift from the depths of the sea

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Giving pearl jewelry this holiday is almost giving someone a gift for life. Pearls last for a long time, even longer than one lifetime, and when taken care of, they just might last forever. What’s more pearl jewelry goes beyond trends and fashion; they are timeless and always a sought-after accessory for any glamorous occasion. This is the spirit behind Mikimoto’s “The Gift of a Lifetime.” Give a dear one the famed South Sea Mikimoto pearls, in earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.  Set in platinum, the pearls burn from within, creating a light that subtly emanate from the core but it can’t seem to escape. Your eyes are drawn inwards, drowning in the elegance of the pearl. The gift collection also includes the Akoya and Conch pearls.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

A Cut for a princess

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The princess cut diamond is the second most popular style after the classic round brilliant cut. It was popularized during the sixties when jewelers started looking for a new trendy cut other than the timeless round shape. Instead of a circular body, the princess cut is angular, either square or rectangular, and can be set as an inverse pyramid with the base facing up. Because of its corners, it weighs more than the round cut. For some a princess cut is more valuable and elegant, away from the widely popularized round cut. These people can rely on Firemark Diamonds, the renowned jewelry brand for princess cut diamonds. It is tested by the Gemological Institute of America to have a 98% average light return, higher than industry standards. Firemark indeed makes the cut when it comes to the most brilliant princess cut diamonds.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbiais an authorized dealer for Firemark Diamonds.

The Metals of Memoiré

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Memoiré has been creating exquisite diamond rings for two decades now in the U.S. It has earned a following among the most luxurious end of the market for the brilliance and unblemished cuts of its diamonds. But its metals are equally impressive, if not an attraction in themselves. Memoiré uses 95% platinum, the standard metal in diamond jewelry and one of rarest metals on earth. But unlike other diamond jewelries, Memoiré also exhibits a rare collection featuring 99.9% pure platinum. Similarly, the brand uses 18k gold with 75% purity. It mixes the gold with alloy for strength and durability, while maximizing the rich, warm appeal of gold, one of the most malleable metals on earth. When set with diamonds, both Memoiré platinum and gold metals turn from being beautiful to totally elegant.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Memoiré.

Your kind of Raymond Weil

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What kind of Raymond Weil are you? The luxury Swiss watchmaker features a line of timepiece models that suit different personalities and bearing. The Freelancer exudes a liberal love for a lot of things. Its multiple dials reflect multi-tasking, a predisposition to exploring new horizons outside the cubicle. It has a masculine feel, while still maintaining a dash of elegance. The Maestro is classic and refined. In rose gold casing and brown or black leather strap, it bespeaks of experience and expertise, the hallmark of someone who has achieved a position of authority and influence. For the ladies, the Jasmine in two-tone silver and rose gold exhibits a feminine style that seems to be predisposed to beauty, yet the same timepiece mirrors a confident style of a modern woman executive.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Raymond Weil.

Year of gemstones

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The revitalized popularity of gemstones this year seems to have had a subtle diminishing allure for diamonds. Suddenly, women are drawn to the fascinating dim sparkle of various gemstones, from sapphires to turquoise, rubies to opals. The gems bring color to a classic dress or add a variation to the elegance of gold and diamonds. When it comes to gemstones none perhaps knows them inside out more than Marco Bicego. The gems are dancing in its Italian inspired Murano collection. Similarly, they add accent to the gold-dominated styled jewelry pieces of the Africa collection. In the Indian themed Jaipur collection, these gems exude a mystic if royal bearing of the antiquity. The gems are likewise featured in other Marco Bicego special collections, including Confetti, Paradise, and Il Cairo.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

A Golden gift

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John Hardy presents its Gifts of Gold line this holiday to help you give a truly luxurious present for a special one. This line of gold jewelry exhibits the John Hardy Balinese artisanship, each one uniquely handcrafted and intricately styled by deft creative hands. You can choose from a wide array of pieces, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It can be bold like the Orbital Hoop Earrings from the Bamboo Collection, three inner rings that suit an angular face. You can also opt for a jewelry piece with subtle elegance like the Classic Chain Collection bracelet, perhaps, the most Balinese of the golden line. The weave patterns are unmistakably Asian, but the diamond at the middle exudes European elegance.  The golden gift collection also includes square stud earrings, small round ring, and link necklace, all made from 18k yellow gold. 
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for John Hardy.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Diamond cutting like it should be

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A great part of the diamond’s value is dependent on its natural state: its weight, size, and color when it is mined. However, a diamond can also become truly valuable in the hands of a highly skilled diamond cutter; conversely, a naturally prized diamond can be ruined if cut improperly. That’s why Signature Diamonds perfected diamond cutting to make sure each of its diamond piece exhibits the most brilliance and scintillation. The company achieves this by creating cuts that are neither too shallow nor deep. In both instances a significant amount of light is lost. Instead, cutting the diamond should achieve the right proportion with each facet exposed to maximum light. When the light bounces off inside, the result is a brilliant display of fire inside and a brightness that is unparalleled.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Signature Diamonds.

Luxury, art, and heritage

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If you’re looking for a novel jewelry to give or wear, a Sweet Charleston Design piece may do the trick. One look at its hand-woven, basket weave-inspired jewelry pieces reminds you of the sweet charming lifestyle of Low County America. In 18k gold and silver, Sweet Charleston Designs is eccentric yet elegant that you can wear for any occasion. The jewelry is a masterpiece of artisan work, an air of ingenuity that you’ll be hard pressed to find in another jewelry brand. The alternating weaves of gold and silver tease the senses as the two tones swirl in an unbroken dance. From earrings to necklaces, and rings to cufflinks, Sweet Charleston Design is uniquely designed that no other brand employs the same style, a combination of luxury, art, and heritage.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Sweet Charleston Designs.

Ball Watch pioneers modern watch-manufacturing

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Ball Watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s a critical partner during the time of America’s great leap to become a modern-day powerhouse in the late nineteenth century, symbolized by the country’s iconic industrial symbol: the railroad. Founder Webb C. Ball was designated to keep the train on time, all the time, so he developed his watch signature: the first watch to use the time signals from the United States Naval Observatory as reference point to make sure the American railroad system worked. His company, Ball Watch, is regarded as one of the pioneers to set the benchmarks for many of the watch manufacturing features today, such as precision movement, anti-magnetism, isochronism, power reserve, and dial mechanism. It is likewise recognized for developing modern technologies including: gas light, shock resistance, antimagnetic, DLC diamond-like carbon, and cold-temperature resistance features.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

Charles Krypell Makes Every Woman a Living Masterpiece

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What happens when a creative sculptor pours his artistry into jewelry? You get a Charles Krypell, a play of semi-precious stones and diamonds animated by the sculptor-turned jeweler’s passion and craftsmanship. For over thirty years now Charles Krypell has become one of the prominent luxury jewelry signatures in the world, giving us a slew of elegant works that are at once fresh, sensual and classic. Each jewelry piece exudes the artist’s confidence and art, whether the material is sterling, yellow gold, diamonds, and pastel stones. Amidst the abundance of precious elements, Charles Krypell achieves a delicate balance to create subtle brilliance in his necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants. Each lady in Charles Krypell is the artist’s work of art, a living masterpiece that showcases the brand’s luxury elegance.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Charles Krypell.

The easy and hard way to know it’s a Christopher Designs diamond

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How do you know if a diamond is from Christopher Designs? There’s the hard and easy ways to find out. Take a close look at the diamond. If it seems to produce a glow that is brighter than any diamond you’ve seen, producing an intense fire within that reminds you of the earth’s magma core, with concentrated facets that bounce off light to create an explosion of scintillation and brightness, you’re likely looking at a Christopher Designs. That’s the hard way. The easy way is to simply buy diamond from Christopher Designs or its authorized dealers and you’re guaranteed to get one of the most brilliant and well-cut diamonds in the world. Christopher Designs uses laser-precision cutting techniques to produce accurate multi-faceted angles that reflect maximum light for maximum brilliance. Its diamond is the perfect highlight to any wedding or engagement ring.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

Tissot’s Moments in History

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How do you measure time? For more than 150 years now Tissot has pioneered watchmaking with milestones and firsts. It created the first mass-manufactured pocket timepiece with two time zones. It also created the first anti-magnetic watch in the twenties. Likewise, Tissot would lead the watchmaking industry with the first timepiece made of plastic, stone, mother of pearl and even wood. No wonder the brand is a trusted timekeeper in major sports events such as cycling, fencing, and ice hockey for its innovative designs and precision engineered mechanism. But more than being the first in many things, Tissot continuously creates elegant and accurate timepieces that are both luxurious as they are elegant. The Swiss brand, indeed, has been tested over time and rightfully earned the admiration of the world.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Tissot.

More than just pink diamonds

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Most luxurious engagement and wedding rings and bands may look similar for the untrained eye, but a closer look, Suna Bros. literally is a cut above the others. The attention to detail is remarkable; you can sense the subtle creative hands that have worked out the intricate styles in each Suna Bros. piece. It’s the same craftsmanship that signature brand has honed and perfected for more than seventy years now. Founders Kenneth and Joel Suna trained under the auspices of European jewelry designers and would soon become masters themselves as diamond setters, bench jewelers, gemologists, and jewelry designers. Today, Suna Bros. is known for its elegant line of pink diamonds and its fashionable collection of rings, necklaces, and pendants that are highlighted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious stones.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Suna Bros..

Saturday, December 07, 2013

How much is your love worth?

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Is giving a luxury engagement diamond ring like a Mémoire reflects a materialistic take on love? Not quite. When Prince William proposed to Kate, now his wife, he gave her a ring that’s only worth $137,000. “Only” because, historically, royalty would spend millions of dollars for a ring. The catch is, Kate’s ring is the same engagement ring worn by Princess Diana. For William, the perfect ring exudes a sentimental more than its monetary worth. In the same breath, you could be proposing with a luxurious Purity Collection Ring by Mémoire without trying to impress her with the price; rather, your commitment as symbolized by the perfect craftsmanship of the ring. At the end of the day, it is your love that will be measured, not the value of even the most expensive rings in the world.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mémoire.

The Most perfect engagement ring

Posted by Sylvans at 1:00:00 AM in Mikimoto (28)

When it comes to engagement rings the classic round solitaire diamond ring set in gold or platinum is a favorite. But later trends would challenge that, with popular cuts like emerald, pearl shape and oval literally chipping away the most admired cut title from the round diamond. But there’s an even more interesting challenger to the round cut and it’s not even a diamond: the pearl ring. Why not? Pearls are a prized symbol of love and purity in the ancient world. In Hebrew folklore, it’s said to be Eve’s tear drop after being banished from paradise. For ancient Indians, pearls were regarded as dewdrops from heaven, while in ancient China, they were considered as coming from fiery dragons. In the hands of a Mikimoto jeweler, the pearl ring truly achieves the height of purity. Arguably, the Mikimoto Lace Ring can easily dethrone the diamond round cut, and all other diamond cuts for that matter, as the most perfect engagement ring.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

The World’s biggest little icon now has a timepiece

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More than a hundred years ago in Switzerland Karl Elsener developed a cutlery manufacturing process that quickly earned his products a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Years later, he would go on to create one of the biggest little icon in the world : the Swiss Army knife. This legendary pocket knife would grace the backpacks and pockets of the most adventurous explorers worldwide in the most arduous situations. The pocket knife has stood the test of time, but there’s one thing that Elsener didn’t count on. The craftsmanship that he had perfected now graced a range of timepieces that carries the brand he created over a century ago. One look at the Swiss Army timepiece collections, including the AirBoss, Alpnach, and the Original Chronograph, easily reveals the same Swiss excellence of craftsmanship that made Elsener famous.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Swiss Army.

Lend an ear to luxury

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Pandora is known for its wide selection of beautiful charms that range from pretty to seriously astounding. But the jewelry brand has also a seemingly endless collection of charming earrings, a perfect complement to its charms collection. From danglings to stud earrings and gem-encrusted to fashionable styles, the Pandora earrings have one to suit your facial shape and occasion. The stud earrings in cubic zirconia can be set with amethyst or black spinel, or they can feature a solitaire pearl or silver stud. Likewise, the stud earrings can feature your birthstone encrusted in the middle. Gemstones such as aquamarine, carnelian, citrine, chysopras, and garnet evoke a classic and personal touch. On the other hand, Pandorra danglings include purple or blue murano glass and 14k gold sets. They are ideal for women with round or oval shaped face. If you desire fancy, Pandora features stylistic earrings shaped as a royal crown, heart, cherry blossom and even a barrel.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Pandora Jewelry.

The Tenacity of love

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Jennifer Lopez is known in celebrity circles to return her engagement rings when the relationship is toast. Just recently, Marc Anthony is said to be $4 million richer when JLo gave him back the 8.5-carat diamond ring. Some people prefer to focus on the plurality of her rings, but for many, it’s a class act to return something that symbolizes love when the passion has dried up. Most relationships do falter, but it doesn’t mean that the man and the woman should not attempt to live happily ever after. For every man popping the question to a teary eyed woman is yet another shot at proving love is truly forever. It is the stuff that fairy tales are made of, but it’s worth the try no matter how futile. It’s the tenacity of love to keep on trying despite repeated fails that Hearts of Fire celebrates in its line of luxurious diamond engagement rings.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Golden cravings

Posted by Sylvans at 1:00:00 AM in Slane (17)

What if one day your lady suddenly has this craving for gold and asks for a pair of stilettos?  All’s well except she’s asking for the solid gold stilettos exhibited by a designer shoe company that’s worth nearly $300,000! It’s the stuff literally made for the high-heeled; but for you (and your loved one), a Slane gold necklace will do. Impressive in their delicate craftsmanship and innovative in their style, the Slane Atelier Collection of white and yellow necklaces is meant to please a golden craving. The Horn Wholly Mammoth Necklace in yellow gold, at only about $1,500, is perfect for a glamorous wear. The Oval Link Necklace is classic and assured in its elegance. The Mixed Open Link Necklace, also in yellow gold, is bolder and ideal to offset a long neck; and the Tassel Slide Necklace is teasingly attractive, a matching piece, perhaps, to a naughty night. These are but some of Slane’s glamorous white and yellow gold necklaces crafted and styled to the highest artistry.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Slane.

Wear your engagement ring on your sleeves

Posted by Sylvans at 1:00:00 AM in Precision Set (22)

When Jacqueline Onassis said yes to shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis it came with a $2.6 million rare diamond ring. It’s so precious that Jackie O. is believed to have only worn the ring twice, while the ring remained locked in a New York bank to this day. It’s impressive. It’s luxurious. It’s a little sad that the woman would not wear it for fear of losing it. After all, an engagement ring is meant to be displayed, not locked in. Similarly, a Precision Set Classic Engagement diamond ring is impressively luxurious that we hope you don’t store in some place like a prized treasure. From solitaires to three-stone rings, the Precision Set engagement ring symbolizes the height of your love, represented by the ring’s stunning intricate craftsmanship. Wear it on your sleeves (not literally) as you would your love.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.


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