How to Upgrade Your Diamond Ring (Without Feeling Guilty!)

Your engagement ring is full of passion and history. It’s a symbol of the day you and your husband began your adventure together. So, how can one upgrade this special diamond while preserving the sentimental value?

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Five Things You Never Knew About Your Diamond

What makes your diamond so unique? Yes, you or your someone special selected it just for you. Yes, it’s the stone you’ll pass down from generation to generation. But, the fact that the diamond even exists is enough to really astound the mind. Check out these five intriguing facts about your new gem that are sure to impress your friends and family.

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Giving Back: Our Favorite Philanthropic Jewelry Brands

In companies, big and small, across 7 continents, employees and owners spend an inordinate amount of time discussing profit, income, and projection statements. But there are also companies that discuss all of that and make sure to devote time and money to giving back.

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Why Our Customers Are Buying More Estate Jewelry

In a world full of ever changing trends, it can be difficult to find the perfect piece of jewelry to match your closet and your piggy bank. Fortunately, estate jewelry offers a rare solution. From daring architecturally-inspired Art Deco brooches to the romantic feminine Edwardian details, estate jewelry comprises a wide variety of designs and price ranges. Not to mention, an expanded value over purchasing a brand new piece.

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