The Roberto Coin Classic Pendant with Black Jade and Diamonds

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Who says beauty is forever perfect? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as we all know. Symmetry isn't always ideal; sometimes when things are asymmetrical it adds a beauty and unique flare you weren't expecting yet don't want to live without. The Roberto Coin Classic Pendant with Black Jade, Agate, and Diamonds is certainly a stunningly vibrant piece of jewelry that you won't want to miss. The pendant is 18 karat gold with an 18" chain, which is the perfect length to showcase your breathtaking pendant. The approximate total carat weight is .70, which is large enough to make a statement. The entire Black Jade collection is sure to impress with its striking colors and asymmetrical silhouettes. The Roberto Coin Black Jade collection features many different styles of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, in various metals and colors of stone. You are sure to find something to complete your look, whether you are going big and bold or keeping it simple and stylish. Dressing up or dressing down, you are sure to win with Roberto Coin!

Roberto Coin has been producing exquisite jewelry since 1977 when he began in Vicenza Italy. Starting with basic gold jewelry, he quickly branched out to gemstones and creating bold and prestigious pieces that have ben gaining fame and popularity over the years. Stop in today and see which gorgeous Roberto Coin Black Jade pieces look the best on you!


Mikimoto Splash Brooch

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Mikimoto's Splash Brooch is the epitome of the beauty of a splash of water. Its diamonds radiate from the center of the brooch in several directions and culminate in varying sizes of pearls.
Kokichi Mikimoto was born in 1858 in Japan and became fascinated with the beauty of natural pearls. He discovered, though, they were often imperfect in shape and would not make attractive symmetrical jewelry. After countless attempts accompanied by failures in trials and by nature, Mikimoto finally was able to induce pearl production in oysters. He is known as the founder of cultured pearls. He opened his first shop in a fashionable area of Japan and sold his designs with the pearls he created. 
Their lustrous shine, gorgeous strands and delightful patterns he created with pearls became a sensation in Japan and then, the world. Mikimoto realized that the pearls from the Akoya oysters made the most beautiful pearls, using them in most of his prized designs. He added diamonds to many styles to introduce sparkle and more texture. 

His pearls and designs are still considered the most coveted by royalty and society around the globe. Mikimoto's name is synonymous with luxury cultured pearls. His dedication to his craft and love of pearls created an empire like no other in the history of jewelry.

This Splash Brooch created by Mikimoto's hand picked designers fits right in with Mikimoto's vision of perfection. It is set in 18K white gold with nearly 3 carats of diamonds. Topped with Akoya pearls ranging in size from 3.75-8.25 mm, this brooch is sure to delight. It can be worn alone or fitted on a necklace. Its radiant beauty taken from the ocean will be an everlasting delight to own and wear.


Hearts on Fire Effervescence Hoop Earrings

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Why settle for classic diamond hoop earrings when you can upgrade to Effervescence? The simple yet beautiful design of these diamond hoops give a modern twist on a nation's favourite piece. The repeating three-diamond clusters form a truly stunning pattern that is sure to catch anyone's eye, and serves as a sophisticated accessory to make any occasion special. At close to 2 carats in weight, you won't be disappointed on size, shape or style. Can you really afford not to have them?
Based in the US, and in business since 1996, Hearts on Fire have decades of experience in creating only the best pieces of jewellery. Boasting the world's most perfectly cut diamonds, these earrings are simply a work of art: designer Hearts on Fire have created something beautiful and really do live up to their name. What's more, pairing the Effervescence diamond hoop earrings with the Effervescence Line Necklace or Line Bracelet will complete any look for modern, flawless and sleek coordination. The style is effortless, the design fun and the look simply outstanding.
Hearts on Fire have made the Effervescence diamond hoop earrings available in 10K Rose, White and Yellow gold, and use only the best diamonds available to craft the perfect piece to suit every outfit, every occasion, every time. The three-diamond design is simply begging to be worn as part of your next power outfit, you next wedding ensemble, or the next time you just need to feel fabulous.


John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Signet Ring with Lapis

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Looking for new jewelry that truly speaks of artistic flare and style? John Hardy has been delivering quality pieces for over four decades. With an emphasis on sterling silver and Lapis Lazuli, John Hardy continues to provide only the highest of quality when it comes to designs for both men and women.
Most notable in the John Hardy line are the men's classic signet rings. Choices range from silver, silver and gold, or silver and bronze. Gemstones range from black calcedony, black jade, diamond, sapphire, or lapis lazuli. Each ring is created with east Asian art themes and styles that compliment the original look and feel of the founder's designs. Men wanting to avoid the gemstone rings will appreciate the chain design of other John Hardy rings. These sterling silver alternatives are sure to impress anyone. Whether its in the office or a social setting on the weekend, the John Hardy line is the first choice for any man searching for a way to add the perfect accessory to his image.
The John Hardy company was originally founded in 1975 by Canadian jeweler and artist John Hardy. Inspired by a trip to Bali, Hardy began to learn the techniques of the local artisans. This later allowed him to apply these concepts to his own jewelry line.


MICHELE Belmore Chrono Diamond, Black Diamond Dial Watch

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The MICHELE Belmore Chrono Diamond, Black Diamond Dial Watch is the perfect combination of a casual watch mixed with the perfect touch of feminine flair. This watch also offers complete customization between an 18mm MICHELE strap, allowing you to interchange with the style that you are currently in, or to match that perfect dress you have been dying to wear. This stainless-steel watch has a three-eye chronograph that boasts diamonds that have been hand-set above its beautiful black and textured dial. Throughout the watch you can find high quality brushed and polished stainless-steel. Don’t just look fabulous in this watch, be fabulous in this watch. All new luxury is guaranteed to impress everyone who sees you.

MICHELE has been in the watch making industry for years and has an immense passion for quality and unique personal expressions. They pride themselves on the idea that by provided customizable features such as the bands and straps, the wearer is able to create her own statement and show who she is through her watch. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of MICHELE watches are the luxury qualities that they include in their Swiss movements, mother-of-pearl dials, and hand-set diamonds. Every watch from MICHELE has a special story behind it. MICHELE prides itself in representing the giftable moments in life. All receivers of a MICHELE watch remember when they received theirs. Make your moments last forever.


Marco Bicego 18K Rose Gold & Pave Diamond Bar Bracelet

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The 18K Rose Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet from Marco Bicego is an elegant piece of jewelry that makes a beautiful addition to anyone's collection. This bracelet has rose gold bars and is accented with brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds are carefully selected to provide an element of shine with every movement of the hand. The total diamond weight for the bracelet is 0.15 ct.
The Marco Bicego brand is well known for their pieces that mix different types of gold and other metals to create a unique look. Rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold are often put together in one piece and accented with carefully chosen diamonds. Marco Bicego only uses the best diamonds in their pieces for the ultimate in light-catching elements to make the pieces stand out when being worn. The brand is also known for the unique techniques they use in creating these handmade pieces of jewelry. The Marco Bicego line includes bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. They can be worn with casual clothing or dressed up for a night on the town.
The Marco Bicego Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet is 6" around and can be easily adjusted for a custom fit using the clasp. The bracelet has beautiful rose gold bars that give the piece a modern look that can be worn everyday or can be used with formal clothing. This piece coordinates with other jewelry from the brand, many of which also use a mix of different golds for an elegant and timeless look.


The Beautiful and Unique Grainger McKoy Feather Curl Pin with Pearl

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When someone places a pin on their clothing, they hope to be noticed for that pin and they hope to make a statement with it. Those who want to show that they are serious about style will love displaying this Grainger McKoy Feather Curl Pin with Pearl. Grainger McKoy creates pieces that are perfect for anyone who loves birds or simply appreciates the look of an elegant feather design. This piece is made with a curled feather of either 14K gold, 18K gold, or sterling silver. The feather is accented with a freshwater lavender pearl. The Grainger McKoy Feather Curl Pin with Pearl is small in size, yet it makes a big statement. Beautiful and elegant, this pin is something that will help a person dress up any piece of clothing.
Granger McKoy is a brand that was started by someone who was fascinated with wood as a child. This man watched his father build their home out of logs, and that inspired him to do great things with wood in the future. Eventually, he started to work with materials beyond wood, including silver and gold. The Granger McKoy brand puts out pieces that are crafted in a quality way and that each have something special to offer. The brand only puts out items that are ready to be worn or displayed.


Roberto Coin Black Jade Drop Earrings with Diamonds

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These drop earrings from Roberto Coin feature beautiful black jade and gorgeous diamonds. They dangle from the ears in an elegant fashion, and they have a timeless, and yet unique, look to them. The diamonds in these earrings are carefully placed around the bottom piece of the earring, and they help to make these earrings stunning. These earrings are a statement piece, and yet they are simple enough to be worn with any outfit. They have been crafted from the best materials, and they look beautiful as they hang from the ears of any woman.

Roberto Coin is a brand that was established in 1996. Roberto Coin, the man with the same name as the brand, didn't feel content with his hotel management job, even though he was successful in the work he did there. He had always loved fashion, and he wanted to do more with his life than just work in management, so he started this brand. All of the pieces of jewelry that are put out there by this brand are made well, and each of them has a timeless and unique look to it. From necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, this brand has it all, and each piece is made with the finest materials. Diamonds, black jade, gold, and silver, are all used to help give the jewelry from this brand a great appeal.


The Unique John Hardy Cobra Drop Earrings

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There are earrings that catch attention and make a statement, and that is exactly what these John Hardy Cobra Drop Earrings do. Pieces that are far removed from traditional earrings are special, and this earring has a look that is all its own. There are many pieces available today that are similar to one another, but this piece from John Hardy is something that is truly different and something that is edgy. Made of sterling silver and 18K yellow gold, this piece is something that is truly breathtaking. Bold and different, this piece features a cobra design. This earring is elegant in the way that it hangs from the ear, and the gold and silver that are used in its creation compliment each other well. Those who are seeking a piece that will stir up conversations will find that this is it.
John Hardy is a brand that was founded in Bali in 1975. The brand was created in order to offer the world beautiful pieces of jewelry that were handcrafted and created in a careful way. The brand has put out many beautiful pieces in the years that it has been around, and it has grown through those years. John Hardy is a brand that is committed to community, artisanship, and sustainability. This is a brand with great values and one that is doing great work.


Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Medium Bead Bracelet

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The Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Medium Bead Bracelet is part of the Siviglia collection. This bracelet has a stunning look that can easily be worn with formal attire or casual clothing. The bracelet is 7" around and is made of 18K yellow gold. The clasp is also yellow gold and the bracelet has beautiful gold bead accents. The beads on the bracelet add an element of interest without being heavy or uncomfortable to wear. The design of the beads was taken from the ancient cobblestones of Seville.

Marco Bicego is a brand that has been featured in many magazines and publications. Their line of jewelry is known for being handcrafted and classic, with elements of modern style to remain current. The brand designs and creates rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in coordinating collections that display the attention to detail put into each piece. Many pieces are hand engraved, making no two pieces identical. These unique items are the perfect gift for the jewelry collector who appreciates the work that goes into a one-of-a kind piece.

The Yellow Gold Medium Bead Bracelet from Marco Bicego easily coordinates with other jewelry in the Siviglia collection. This collection includes many designs that are engraved by hand on the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The beads on this particular bracelet has been made using the Italian art of Bulino, a unique method of hand engraving. This process creates the details that are meant to remind the wearer of the cobblestones of Seville.


Mikimoto Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Ring

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This Mikimoto golden pearl ring is a beautiful statement piece. The large golden pearl is placed front and center in the ring, and there are gorgeous diamonds stretching down the band on either side. The diamonds and white gold band are twisted around in an elegant fashion. This ring has a unique look to it that makes it very attractive, and it is a statement piece that can be worn with any outfit. Its golden south sea cultured pearl is what really sets it apart, as does the white gold and diamonds that are used for the band.

Mikimoto has been around for over a century, creating the world's first cultured pearl. Today, the brand a leader in jewelry. It is the largest producer of pearl jewelry, and Mikomoto's original goal was to get all woman to wear pearls. This brand creates many gorgeous pieces of jewelry, from necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings, to strands of pearls and bracelets. All of the pieces have gorgeous pearls in them, and each one of them is crafted carefully. The white gold that they often use, as well as the diamonds that they add in occasionally, really work to make the jewelry look all the more classy and beautiful. Every piece is quality and made to last a long time with the great pearls and other materials used.


Michele Belmore Diamond Dial Watch

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The Michele Belmore Diamond Dial Watch has a classic look that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. This three-hand watch is made of stainless steel for a timeless look, that is also durable and made to last. Around the face of the watch are handset diamonds that add sparkle to any outfit. There are 84 total diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.34. The dial of the watch has a beautiful white face that can easily coordinate with other pieces of jewelry.

Michele is a brand that is known for making beautiful watches in many different styles. The company uses quality stones to accent classic pieces that can be worn for years without ever going out of style. Their watches include casual styles, as well as pieces that are designed to be the center of attention.

The Belmore Diamond Dial Watch from Michele has a Swiss movement and is water resistant up to 5 ATM. This versatile piece makes a great gift for anyone who is looking for jewelry that is fashionable and functional. The case size of the watch is 37 mm and the strap size is 18 mm. The band is just the right size to be worn with many different types of outfits and to be noticeable, but it doesn't compete with other accessories. This watch also has the option to purchase other styles and colors of straps for a different look. This piece is the perfect addition to any woman's watch collection.


Grainger McKoy Dove Feather Earrings

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These dove feather earrings from Grainger McKoy are charming, yet simple. The gold or silver color of the earrings gives them a classic and timeless look, even while the detailing of the feathers sets them apart from other earrings. They have bumps and ridges in them to make the feather details seem real, and they have a graceful appearance as they dangle from the ear. These earrings are a statement piece that any woman will feel great using to dress up an outfit.

These fun earrings are not all that Grainger McKoy creates. He began carving with wood. He found an interest in wood carving even as a child, and from there he has moved on to creating jewelry for men and women, fine silver, and sculptures. He has an interest in nature, and he brings that love into the things that he creates. His bracelets, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry often have feathers and unique looking designs to them, even while being made of he finest gold and silver. His fine silver is simple, yet elegant, and all of the pieces that he puts together are quality. He is a man who cares about the designs that he creates and who makes them in the best way, so that everyone can enjoy the jewelry, silver, and sculptures that he puts together.


Charles Krypell Classics Redefined Multicolor Ring

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Charles Krypell is one of the foremost names in fine jewelry. Owning any of his masterfully created jewelry pieces are sure to give the wearer a lifetime of beauty and style. The Classics Redefined multicolor ring is a striking piece that will definitely turn heads. It is crafted from the finest 18k white gold and is accented with rows of princess cut diamonds and green and blue high-quality gemstones. Both rows of diamonds wrap one and a half times around the diameter of the ring and pass over the single rows of blue and green gemstones to create a dramatic effect that makes this incredible ring stand out like no other.

This expertly crafted ring would be perfect for any special event or occasion where you need an accent that gives elegance and charm to your outfit. Whether you are looking for the perfect treat for yourself, or you are looking for a gift for that special someone in your life, you can be sure that you are making the perfect selection when you purchase the Charles Krypell Classics Redefined multicolor ring.

Charles Krypell has been creating unique fine jewelry for discerning enthusiast since 1976. He is based out of New York, but his name has spread all over the world. People seek his creations because they know that each piece is painstakingly handcrafted to perfection that is designed to last a lifetime.


Hearts On Fire Triplicity Fringe Earrings

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The Hearts On Fire Triplicity fringe earrings are a both sophisticated and eye-catching with plenty of fiery diamonds. They are the perfect addition to a jewelry collection and would work beautifully with just about any formal attire. These high-quality handcrafted earrings are designed to bring lasting elegance to the wearer. They are made of white 18k gold and 3.95 total karats of handset diamonds. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, or you are looking to invest in yourself, you will love these incredible earrings.

Hearts On Fire has a reputation for carefully selecting stones that match their quality guidelines and bring fire and color to their breathtaking jewelry. Since 1996, Hearts On Fire diamonds have brought elegance and beauty to diamond lovers all over the world. When you wear Hearts On Fire diamonds, you can be assured that they have been hand selected and cut to be the most beautiful diamonds on the market. Only the most flawless and precisely cut gems will be set into a Hearts On Fire jewelry piece.

Wherever you decide to wear these incredible earrings, you will look stunning. They will accentuate any formal dress and elevate the look. Hearts On Fire has a full collection of jewelry including rings and necklaces that are created to give lasting beauty. They make the perfect gift or treat for yourself.


Must-Have Roberto Coin Jewelry

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Roberto Coin is a jewelry brand that was founded in 1996, and ever since, it hasn’t failed to bring jewelry lovers well-structured pieces that can make them stand out in any crowd they find themselves in. This brand’s attention to detail is quite superb, which is why it is regarded as one of the most sophisticated jewelers in the world. The Retro Link Bracelet with Diamonds is the latest piece of this brand, that has been garnering a great amount of buzz, as it is simply one-of-a-kind.

This bracelet is 18K gold. It has an approximate carat diamond weight of 1.58. It is a rich-chain link bracelet that reflects the style of the 1970s. The attention to detail that was placed on this piece is quite extraordinary.

It can be worn with any outfit, adding an elegant and retro edge to your appearance. In a short period of time, this bracelet has been able to become one of the top-selling items of Roberto Coin, which is not shocking when one analyzes its exquisiteness.

The Retro Link Bracelet with Diamonds by Roberto Coin is definitely a must-have. This brand definitely did a great job with its structure. When it comes to its quality and design, there is no other one like it on the market, hence is still present popularity that doesn’t seem like it is going to slow down anytime soon.


John Hardy Legends Cobra Drop Necklace

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The Legends Cobra Drop Necklace from John Hardy was created for anyone who loves a unique and dramatic piece of jewelry. This necklace works well as a statement piece for a special occasion outfit and doesn't need any other jewelry as it can easily stand on its own. It is designed to look like the head of a cobra but the design is still subtle enough to be worn with many different outfits without distraction. This necklace could easily coordinate with the Cobra Drop Earrings for a lovely look on a special evening.

The John Hardy brand creates a variety of jewelry pieces that are designed to enhance an outfit with glamour and sophistication. These pieces are sought after by anyone who likes something a little different. The John Hardy collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more.

The chain on the Legends Cobra Drop Necklace by John Hardy is made of sterling silver and it measures 1mm wide. It has a lobster clasp that is easy to open and close, but also secure. The cobra is made of Lava Black Sapphire, which looks elegant and classy, while also being unique. The cobra also has white opal accents that stand out from the black for a look of pure glamour. The pendant measures 64mm by 9mm, large enough to be noticeable without being too large to be worn comfortably. This necklace would be the ideal piece for those who collect jewelry items that truly stand out.


Classic Mikimoto

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Mikimoto has been fashioning the classic pearl into timeless pieces of jewelry with their creative designs since the 1890s. The depth of their company's history is the truest sentiment to the quality of their work and their passion for producing the best pearl jewelry. Guided by the established principles of the founding father of the cultured pearl, Kokichi Mikimoto, Mikimoto the company does it time and again with their products.

The Classic White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings are just what one would expect from Mikimoto. The piece is as elegant as it gets with its classical style and setting. Harvested from Japan's White South Sea, the pearl itself is a 13mm perfected roundness, dazzling in its pure white. Even with such color, the pearl transforms into a masterpiece of subtle colors just when the light hits it from the right angle. It dangles from a set of diamonds, 3.83 carats of brilliance to be exact. The diamonds are arranged in a floral pattern, with each petal distinct from the other, all connected to each other through the round central piece. The entire design is set in the highest quality platinum, strong and equally stunning.

These earrings are statement pieces on their own, but they will also work well when combined with Mikimoto's other jewelry pieces. They are subtle enough to be combined with a simple necklace or even a pearl bracelet. The Classic White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings are just the perfect accessories for the perfect occasion.


Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Chandelier Earrings

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Marco Bicego is an Italian designer of luxury jewelry. His style is reminiscent of the finest designers and styles while blending textures and shapes. All of his luxurious creations are hand crafted in Italy by the finest and most experienced jewelry craftsmen in the business. Bicego puts his heart and soul into his work and designs and it can be felt the moment one's eyes spot his unique collection. Each piece is carefully created by hand using only the finest stones and precious metals. No other collections come close to Marco Bicego's.

These 18K yellow gold chandelier earrings are designed with care and devotion. They are part of Bicego's Sevilla collection that recollects the beauty of the city's fine cobblestone streets, beautiful people and easy living. They bring out the inner beauty of the wearer while showing the good taste they demand. They are 1.8 inches long and consist of a total of 7 small pieces of 18K, 6 melded together and one that connects them to the lobe. They are beautifully proportioned and symmetrical. The gold is finely brushed dulling the finish but not their gorgeousness.

These stunning earrings are impeccably tasteful while being elegant and, inevitably, drawing the looks of many. The look is bold, but not too bright as the brushed gold gives a certain amount of calm and subtle beauty not found in shiny gold. They are fashioned by and hand crafted by Italian artisans who understand the beauty of a woman's jewelry and what it says about them.


Hearts on Fire Triplicity Triangle Stud Earrings

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Are you looking for a pair of simple yet elegant earrings that will forever be in style? The Hearts on Fire Triplicity Triangle Stud Earrings are the perfect choice. These simple yet sophisticated studs are just the right combination of classic and trendy.

Hearts on Fire diamonds are known for their high-quality cut and color. Only one tenth of one percent of all diamonds qualify to become a Hearts on Fire diamond. The sparkle and clarity of these diamonds make their jewelry top of the line and these earrings are no exception.

The triangle shape puts a fashion forward twist on the classic diamond stud. With a large center stone surrounded by three smaller diamonds. Set in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold these studs are sure to work for even the most elegant of occasions.

Hearts on Fire offers more than rings. Complete your look with one of the other stunning pieces from their triplicity collection. The Triplicity Pointed Bracelet makes a great statement piece while complementing the studs. Opt for the Triplicity Triangle Pendant to carry on the simplicity of the stud earrings while remaining elegant. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect combination.

The Triplicity Triangle Stud Earrings make the perfect choice an everyday earring. The quality of Hearts on Fire diamonds are sure to impress.


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